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my Picasaweb Album

Mô tả

If you want to ask something about this plugin just visit the plugin page and leave a comment

Features :
* Browse your album
* insert single or multiple photos to make a gallery
* Lightbox support (see requirements)

* you need lightbox 2 plugin is you want to activate the lightbox option


to use add photos to your post just click the media button above the post editor. Click one of the album, select the photos and click “add to post” button

dont forget to configure the plugin first ^_^

you still can add this line to your post (but i recomended using the media button because its more fun ^_^)

[myPicasaAlbum album=”album”] or
[myPicasaAlbum album=”album” thumb=”x” maxsize=”x” lbox=”1/0″]

the size of thumbnail (value can be 32, 48, 64, 72, 144, 160)

the target image size ( 800, 720, 640, 576, 512, 400, 320, 288 or 200)

use 1 if you use lightbox and use 0 of you don want to.

Version history

2.0.4 – Bug Fix and added some stuff
– can’t display album content when album name contain ‘&’ character (thanks to Lukas Pokorny)
– added checkbox for inserting full size image only without link wrapper (request by Juné Joubert).

2.0.3 – Minor Update
– add loading animation on loading album content
– add image caption from picasa to link title and album thumbnail on album content
( thanks to Rogger Dojh for the advice ^_^ )
– fix some CSS

2.0.2 – Minor Update
– no longer use simplepie ^_^

2.0.1 – Minor Update
– change the icon for media button ^_^

2.0 – Major Update
– add media button above the post editor (no need to type the code on you post).
– you can select the foto you want to add to you post.
– fixed : conflict with lightbox 2 plugin

1.3 – Bug Fix
– the option page could no be opened

1.2 – Minor Update
– Added option page
– Now user add their username on option page
– Added more thumbnail size and cropping on option page
– Simplepie cache now enable
– For those who understand HTML now you can modify before and after tag on option page.

Cài đặt

Just like the other plugin. Put the extracted files to your plugin directory an then activate it. Option Page now available but not prefected yet. And if you like this plugin you can buy me dinner 😀 or just rate it for now.

Hỏi đáp

Do you have any question?
just mail me at

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