Modular DS: Manage all your websites from a single dashboard

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Modular is the tool you need to improve your web maintenance services and the relationship with your clients. In order to save time and get more maintenance contracts.

With Modular you will have a centralized panel from which to control and access all your WordPress websites, perform bulk updates, backups, Uptime monitoring or where you will have Google Analytics and Pagespeed reports for you and your clients.

We are a team of people you can talk to whenever you want. Because even though Modular is a software, there are people behind it.

Try it with up to 5 websites thanks to our free version and see how much time and headaches it saves you.

All your websites in one place

Connect all your websites to Modular and organize them by teams (like folders) to control them from a single panel.

Update plugins, themes, versions…

On all your websites at once or one by one. Control and update your websites, plugins, themes and WordPress versions without having to log in to the administrator.


Leave your worries behind. Rest easy with an automatic backup system so that, no matter what happens, your client’s website is protected. Recover your backup in just a few minutes and select the files you want to restore.

Client reports

Automatically generate maintenance reports for your clients. With all the information about updates, statistics, performance, backups and even adding specific tasks you do on their websites. With dedicated hours, dates, and screenshots.

And you can download the report in PDF or share it as a landing page for your clients to see wherever they want.

Uptime Monitor

Receive email or SMS alerts when your website is down. Because you can’t always be aware of what’s happening on all your sites and the last thing you want is an angry client telling you that their website is not working.

Select the frequency of the checks, expected response time, words to search for and even the time it takes to notify you. One of the best and most complete Uptime Monitor plugins for WordPress.

Great support

We are the first tool on the market with support in English and Spanish. For the public of Spain and Latin America. Because you deserve someone who understands you without complications.

Integration with Google Analytics and PageSpeed

Connect your Analytics account and you will see in Modular’s dashboard the main statistics of your website.

In addition, with our automatic PageSpeed analysis you will be able to find out if one of your websites has performance problems without having to keep an eye on it.

Ảnh màn hình

  • CWV web performance analysis
  • Backup manager
  • Dashboard for all your websites
  • Web statistics with Google Analytics
  • Website overview
  • Uptime Monitor tool
  • Client reports builder
  • Client reports

Cài đặt

  1. Create an account on [][]
  2. Follow the instructions to connect your first website
  3. Start saving time by automating tasks

And if you have any problems, contact us and we will be happy to help you through the process.

Minimum requirements:

  • WordPress 5.6 or higher
  • PHP version 7.4 or higher

Hỏi đáp

Is website maintenance important?

Yes, very. And even more so with WordPress. And we’re not just talking about updates (necessary for security and performance). If you are a professional and offer this service to your clients you must make sure you have everything under control. For that you need backups, an uptime monitor service and a tool that allows you to do these things in an automated way. And of course, saving time.

Is Modular free?

Modular has a free plan with which you can connect up to 5 websites as a reward for being an early adopter.

Do I have to have my websites hosted on a specific hosting company?

No, Modular works independently of your hosting service.

Is Modular secure?

Yes, we use the oAuth2 protocol for authentication of the connection between your website and our servers. Thanks to this protocol we generate tokens with expiration and revocable at any time. In addition, we do not store any WordPress user passwords.

Đánh giá

12 Tháng Hai, 2024
Modular DS es el plugin con el que gestiono los mantenimientos de multitud de webs. Hace el día a día mucho mas fácil. Imprescindibles. Y evoluciona día a día creciendo e incrementando su potencia. Para mi es la herramienta perfecta. Sencilla y fácil de usar.
12 Tháng Một, 2024
Los que conozcan el equipo que hay detrás de ModularDS lo saben: son personas muy capaces y muy gamberras 🙂 Lo que hacen con ModularDS es innovar y este plugin es un ejemplo de software bien desarrollado. La conexión con las web que tenemos en la plataforma no ha parado de mejorar desde la primera versión. Es lo que buscamos en software: que esté mantenido y se actulice constantemente. Felicidades, equipo!
11 Tháng Một, 2024
Llevamos un par de meses trabajando con Modular DS para realizar el mantenimiento web de todos nuestros clientes y cada día estamos más contentos. Es la mejor manera de centralizar el servicio cuando tienes que realizar mantenimientos de muchas webs. El ahorro de tiempo es brutal y tienes todo lo que necesitas en una sola plataforma: actualizaciones, copias, reportes, control de caídas... Además, las dos veces que hemos contactado con ellos por algún pequeño inconveniente, nos han respondido y solucionado todo en cuestión de minutos. Enhorabuena al equipo por el gran trabajo!
11 Tháng Một, 2024
Herramienta muy, muy útil de cara a llevar el mantenimiento de tus webs. Gestión del core, plugins y themes. Backups, monitorización. Múltiples funcionalidades que te ayudan a llevar un mantenimiento óptimo. Y lo que está por venir!. Reduce al máximo los tiempos de mantenimiento y aumenta tu rendimiento y productividad.
8 Tháng Một, 2024
Modular es una plataforma para mí imprescindible para realizar mantenimientos de WordPress a más de 25 webs (y subiendo...)Practicidad, organización, eficiencia y un equipo de soporte siempre al tanto de los problemas y que "escucha al usuario". En el RoadMap ya tienen mejoras muy interesantes. Modular está en movimiento y avanza con los tiempos, cosa que es muy de agradecer.
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Release date: 2023-11-15

  • New backup system


Release date: 2023-08-14

  • FIXED: Use cron job as fallback
  • FIXED: Replace POST with GET method in Ajax request


Release date: 2023-07-26

  • FIXED: Removed non-ascii characters in name, description and author of site items


Release date: 2023-07-24

  • The plugin/themes/core synchronization and update process is now performed asynchronously.
  • A new error handler system has been introduced.
  • The update and synchronize process has been optimized.
  • A new event system has been created.


Release date: 2023-04-21

  • Fixed: The blog URL was set as the redirect URI in the OAuth token confirmation.
  • Fixed: Check if “shell” is available
  • Fixed: Some database backups failed when the port was sent explicitly.


Release date: 2023-04-03

  • English and Spanish translations are now loaded.
  • Fixed: Check if file is readable before adding to backup


Release date: 2023-03-29

  • Now allows backups to be created and uploaded asynchronously


Release date: 2023-03-08

  • Fixed: Error when exporting database when ‘mysqldump’ is not available.


Release date: 2023-02-23

  • Improved backup error processing.
  • Dot files are not ignored now


Release date: 2023-02-17

  • WordPress Registration
  • Connecting WordPress sites
  • 1 click login to WordPress without username/password
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Automatic performance tests with PageSpeed
  • Full recurring and instantaneous backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Client reporting

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