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Meta News & Standout tag

Mô tả

This plugin helps you to easily install the meta news keywords and meta name standout tags.

This tags are necessary if your blog or news website has been included to Google News.

What’s meta news keywords tags?

Meta News Keywords tells google what’s your news article its about.

If you have a news website, Google news crawler will join to your site and then your site should be able to tells google whats your article it’s about.

And how can we do that?
Using Meta News Keywords.

Let’s see an example:
Let’s say we have a news website and we recently publish an article about the coming Olimpycs Games.

How could the google news bot knows that your article its about Olympics Games?

A simple line between “head” and “/head” tags.

“meta name=”news_keywords” content=”Olympic Games, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro”

You don’t know how to do it?
This plugin will do it for you.

At the end of every article, you just need to add the tags whats your post its about, and ¡voila! Meta News & Standout tag will do it for you.

You could read more directly from Google:

What is a meta name standout tag?

Let’s say you have a really great article to publish on your news website and you think that this article deserves a boost to reach more people.

Then you should use Meta Name Standout Tag.

Using this tag, Google will say: ‘Hey, this publisher says this article it’s special… hmm, let’s see’

And how can we add the meta name standout tag?

Just install this plugin, go to the end of your article at the backend of wordpress and check the ‘Standout’ field.

Remember: You should use standout tag just seven times at week.

*We strongly recommend read the Google criteria to use Standout Tag before start to use it.

If this plugin has been useful to your website, we really appreciate your review.

Cài đặt

  1. Upload the \”Meta News & Standout tag\” directory to the plugins directory.

  2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate \”Meta News & Standout tag\” 

  3. When you create a post will appear a box where there shalt put the tags and will activate the standout.

Đánh giá

3 Tháng Chín, 2016
My blog it’s part of Google News and it was really hard to find out how to include the ‘meta news keywords’ and ‘meta name standout’ tags in post pages until i found this plugin. Now, i just have to add the keywords at the end of my article. It’s really easy.
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