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Meks Easy Social Share

Mô tả

Meks Easy Social share was originally created as a feature for our Johannes WordPress theme but now it can be used on any WordPress website.

With this social sharing plugin you can easily add social share buttons to your posts and pages. The plugin is highly flexible and provides you with various styling to match your theme design.

Meks Easy Social Share WordPress plugin is created by Meks


  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Email, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, WhatsApp and vKontakte share buttons.
  • 15+ styling variations
  • Use original social brand colors or specify your custom accent color
  • Automatically supports post and pages as well as all registered custom post types on the website
  • Multiple placement options (above or below posts), plus template tag option for a custom display location anywhere you want
  • Hooks and filters provided for an elegant way to modify the plugin through your own WordPress theme or a plugin

Live example?

You can see Meks Easy Social Share live example on our Johannes theme demo website

Ảnh màn hình

  • Plugin settings
  • Example: Branded colors – rectangular shape
  • Example: Icons with labels
  • Example: Icons only – outlined, circle
  • Example: Custom color – rounded corners

Cài đặt

  1. Upload to plugins via WordPress admin panel or upload unzipped folder to your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. In dashboard, go to Settings -> Meks Easy Social Share to manage the plugin settings

Hỏi đáp

For any questions, error reports and suggestions please visit

Đánh giá

18 Tháng Năm, 2022
Plugin works as intended and alright, however admin popups to install their themes are just too annoying, and there’s no way to disable them (well if you don’t want to install other plugins lmao). If you hide them, next day they are shown again. Sometimes I have to hide them 3 times or more in a row to stop appearing. Sad times, didn’t want to write this review
19 Tháng Ba, 2022
Does the main job really well although some CSS work is needed to get the styling right on AMP enabled pages e.g. the color settings don’t work as expected. Not a deal breaker though for a super-light plugin. It would be good to have a shortcode built into a future release to enable adding the share buttons manually e.g. on Pages where one may want to selectively put the share buttons. Until such point, anyone who is interested in achieving this can use the following code in their functions.php or custom plugin. function meks_share_buttons() { ob_start(); meks_ess_share(); return ob_get_clean(); } add_shortcode('meks-share-buttons', 'meks_share_buttons');
4 Tháng Ba, 2022
Remember the days when Wordpress plugins were light weight, minimal bloat and the entire focus of the plugin was it’s functions? I have used a lot of social share plugins and this has to be the best yet. Simple, light weight, efficient, no slow down, Zero issues with caching, it just works perfectly. Look forward to more plugins from this developer. Amazing work!
17 Tháng Mười Một, 2020
I care most about clients finding something easy to use. This social share plugin is extremely easy to use with a simple, clean, minimalist layout and all the functionality that is needed. You have social share icons in seconds. Other plugins have interfaces that look like spam adverts, are overcomplicated and, worst of all, many allow you to select your preferences before informing you that you should go premium to use your selected icons. This is the best. Thank you!
6 Tháng Chín, 2020
I like the option to format the icons with simple black & white. Also, I tried a few social sharing plugins — but uBlock Origin and even the native adblocker in Vivaldi browser would block the icons due to embedded tracking. Meks Easy Social Share isn’t blocked, so I can be confident visitors to my site actually can see the sharing icons!
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Duyệt code, check out SVN repository, hoặc theo dõi nhật ký phát triển qua RSS.

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Added: Twitter is now rebranded to X


  • WP 6.3 compatibility tested


  • Added: Slight improvements regarding potential security issues


  • Added: Support for AMP pages


  • Fix: LinkedIn sharing


  • Fix: Pinterest sharing


  • Fix: Sharing problem


  • Added: AMP support


  • Added: Notification for meks plugins


  • Added: Filters for “before” and “after” parameters so themes can hook onto it and change to its own markup


  • Added: Support for custom post types


  • Added: Plugin settings page


  • Initial release