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Manage Pages Custom Columns

Mô tả

This plugin is obsolete as of WordPress 2.4.

Replicates the custom column feature of the manage posts page. This is in response to the long-standing enhancement request. It provides a manage_pages_custom_column action and manage_pages_columns filter which can be used similarly to the manage_posts_custom_column action and manage_posts_columns filter provided by WordPress.

A tutorial on how to add custom columns to the manage posts screen can be viewed on my website.

Future Plans

Version History

Version 1.0

  • Initial work on plugin

Cài đặt

Copy the managepages directory to your plugins directory and activate the Manage Pages Custom Columns plugin from WordPress. You’ll then have access to the manage_pages_custom_column action and manage_pages_columns filter.

Alternatively, you can copy the managepages.php and JSON.php files to your own plugin and distribute them. To use, just include managepages.php using something like require_once('managepages.php') and continue as detailed above. Don’t worry about other plugins including the code also, you’re protected.

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