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Logico Bid‑Smart Advertising

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Save up on ads spend, Buy traffic smarter. Logico provides tailored and measurable solutions to develop online marketing strategies. Our core business can be identified in Programmatic Buying applied to Performance Marketing.

Setting up your online store is just the beginning. It’s time to invest in marketing to get more interested customers to your store using LOGICO
Investing on ads and running online campaigns for your store without qualifying traffic and visitors is like advertising in the dark. It won’t help you attract new consumers, nor will it turn your visitors into loyal customers.

But LOGICO, a marketing platform created by Advertisers for Advertisers have the perfect solution for that! Logico advertising algorithms and ranking system gets your message straight across to the right people, so you won’t have to spend thousands on ads that won’t work.

With LOGICO, you can save up on ads and buy traffic smarter because it helps you exclude all unnecessary traffic, ineffective ad placements and unqualified visitors. Your campaign budgets are only spent on the traffic and visitors that matter to your business.

FREE In-House Creative Team on Stand-By
What’s great about LOGICO is that you can easily use templates to create or update your promotions. All you have to do is type out the information. It’s your choice if you want to add both text and images to your various ads like static banners or even request for dynamic banners.

And if you need help, our in-house creative team is also on-hand for any design changes you need for FREE. They can also work through the creative process while keeping in mind your brand’s campaign goals.

LOGICO Community
Be a part of the LOGICO community and discover how easy it is to target the right customers in a few simple steps. You can run your ads without interference and witness the results in real-time.

All you have to do is to connect LOGICO to your store. Experience for yourself the tailor-made strategies that merchants are implementing to reach the customer base they want (without breaking the bank!).

Ad Type

Plugin user can create and run static, dynamic, video and native banners. You can even create elastic banner to serve ant size of your liking. All Banner will go through scanning before it will be approved to go live


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  • Payment and Billing Page

Cài đặt

** [Detailed User Guide]**

  1. Go to plugins -> Add new.
  2. Search for “Logico”
  3. Click on “Download”
  4. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  6. Manage your Logico plugin from Left Side Admin Dashboard

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