LiquidPoll – Funnelkit Integration

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Integration with FunnelKit Automations to FunnelKit Automations plugin.

By using FunnelKit Automations and LiquidPoll together with this integrator plugin, you can directly onboard users with a poll and get them segmented by their responses into the CRM database according to tags and lists.

You can tag members or participants based on the following 3 ways or in combination of these:
1. Option Selected > Add custom tag
2. Lead Form Submitted > Add custom tag
3. Lead Form Submitted > Add contact to a list

So the user’s journey is Respond to poll > Complete the form (Name, Email etc.) > Submit

Done! The user would be added to your contact list segment.

Required Plugins
* LiquidPoll Free or LiquidPoll PRO
* FunnelKit Automations Free
* LiquidPoll – FunnelKit Automations Integration plugin

How to use?

To transform any poll into a FunnelKit Automations input tool you need to have this integrator plugin installed. Any member or participant who are responding to your poll gets automatically tagged and segmented by this process.

Polls Connected to Lists & Tags

Any poll you have created can be assigned to a FunnelKit Automations List or Tag.

Simply go to the Form tab of your poll and add the list and tag you want to associate.

Poll Responses Connected to Tags

Any poll options can also be associated with a tag you have created in FunnelKit Automations.

In the Options tab of your poll, simply select the Tag against each option.

This integration only works with multi choice polls right now, it does not work with NPS or reaction type polls.

What is LiquidPoll?

LiquidPoll allows you to integrate a highly customisable polling system with so many options to control each poll to your WordPress website/blog. It’s a super easy solution to take opinions from visitors/users with multiple styles/themes.

LiquidPoll Features and Uses


Make your blog posts or your website pages more dynamic for your visitors. Adding a poll into your content allows your readers not only to engage with your content but also to draw conclusions. It is such a creative tool that once you start using it, your content will never be the same.


LiquidPoll also supports survey formats in multiple themes so you can tag along any kind of content on your website and actively monitor how your company, brand or product is performing. This can become a very useful tool to understand your happiness score.


There are more than 10 themes, but you can also customize your polls and themes to any style suitable for your website or branding. Add images, change between displaying progress bars or percentages or both, and add a countdown timer – there are more than 100 ways to design the same poll. You get a live preview of your typography changes as you edit the font, spacing, size, style, colour, background and more.


LiquidPoll has adequate features to quickly organize all your polls and surveys into one place so that you can navigate easily from the backend.


Display all your polls in one place so that you can create a landing page where people can simply come and play. Having multiple polls on a page opens possibilities for gamification of your website.

REPORT ANY ISSUE or contact support or join the community.

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Cài đặt

  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin settings via WordPress Dashboard and find “LiquidPoll – Funnelkit Integration ” activate it.

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  • 15/11/2022 – NEW – Initial release.


  • 26/11/2022 – NEW – Form added for nps and reaction.


  • 26/12/2022 – FIX – Fix issues.


  • 16/01/2024 – TWEAK – Updated with latest WordPress.