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Mô tả

This survey plugin is ideal for short surveys and provides for respondents to provide answers in free text or to provide a strength of opinion to a question or proposition on a 10 point scale. The plugin collates results and provides 2 dashboards for results. The “Summary” Dashboard provides and overall summary of all respondents and the “Results” dashboard lists a table of results with a line for each respondent.

Question – Write the survey question that you will ask your research subjects.

Question type – Scored response or free text. Select whether you want research subjects to respond with a value of 1 to 10 (this is scored response) or to write text (free text response).

Dashboard Label is a short label for the question your are composing so that you can identify the question on the dashboards. For example, if your questions was asking how respondents felt about waiting times in a queue, your Dashboard label could be “waiting times”.

Opt-out label – Allows a user to opt-out of answering the question rather than forcing them to choose an answer which may bias your results. A suitable label may be “Don’t Care” or “Don’t Use”. If Opt-Out label is left blank, answering the question is mandatory.

Left Label – Applicable to Scored Responses only and is a label which identifies the left (low) side of the scoring range (i.e. very dissatified, unlikely etc).

Right label – Applicable to scored responses only and is a label which identifies the right (high) side of the scoring range (i.e. Very Satisfied, Highly Likely etc).

You can visit plugin homepage for more help.

Cài đặt

  1. Unpack plugin archive.
  2. Place its contents to your WP plugins directory.
  3. Activate plugin through WP admin panel.
  4. Use [survey id="SURVEY_ID"] to insert survey to your post / page.

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