Mô tả

Get country code or country name:

$ip2country = ip2country();
echo ' Country code: '.$ip2country->country_code;
echo ' Country name: '.$ip2country->country_name;
// or
$ip2country2 = ip2country('');
echo ' Country code: '.$ip2country2->country_code;
echo ' Country name: '.$ip2country2->country_name;

Get additional info about the country by country code:

$ip2country_info = ip2country_info($ip2country->country_code);
echo ' iso_code_2: '.$ip2country_info->iso_code_2;
echo ' iso_code_3: '.$ip2country_info->iso_code_3;
echo ' iso_country: '.$ip2country_info->iso_country;
echo ' country: '.$ip2country_info->country;
echo ' lat: '.$ip2country_info->lat;
echo ' lon: '.$ip2country_info->lon;
// or
$ip2country_info = ip2country_info('us');
echo ' lat: '.$ip2country_info->lat;
echo ' lon: '.$ip2country_info->lon;

Ip2country support page


Ảnh màn hình

  • Ip2country table
  • Ip2country_info table

Cài đặt

  1. install and activate the plugin on the Plugins page
  2. insert ip2country dump into your database using phpMyAdmin (if your database prefix is not “wp_”, you should change prefix inside the sql database dump manually)
  3. you can use plugin functions to convert the IP-address to the country

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  • minor changes


  • IP database update;


  • Added info table from http://www.ip2nation.com/;


  • Initial release;