Inline Tweet Sharer – Twitter Sharing Plugin

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Inline Tweet Sharer is a plugin that allows you to easily and simply create links to share your content on twitter. These links share whatever the anchor text is (as well as a prefix or suffix if context is needed), so it is designed to share tweetable content (like stats, quotes, titbits or competition entries) easily and quickly on twitter, hopefully encouraging people to click on said links, increasing traffic to your blog.

Links can either be highlighted as Twitter links or look the same as regular links, and there is a Rich Text Editor button you can use to click and easily add the links.

You can see an example on the Inline Tweet Sharer Plugin page.

For more information, please visit the Inline Tweet Sharer Documentation page.

Inline Tweet Sharer Premium

Inline Tweet Sharer Premium is a plugin that will allow you to control and monitor your twitter messages from your blog. Features include:-

  • Integration with Google Analytics – generate campaigns for your tweets and find out which ones are the most popular, or not.
  • Add a data-related Twitter Account – After people share your tweets, you can encourage followers to follow you!

Gutenberg Notes

This plugin is compatible with Gutenberg. For ease of use, please create your tweet strings in the “Classic” Content Block.

About Winwar Media

This plugin is made by Winwar Media, a WordPress Development and Training Agency in Manchester, UK.

Why don’t you?

For Support

We offer support in two places:-

On Github

This project is now on github, you can view the repository here. There are other versions, but this is the one I’ve put up, so where all the developmental will be tracked.

Translation Credits

The plugin has been translated to the following languages.

To contribute a translation, please contact me!

CSS Help

The CSS classes for the plugin are the following:-

  • a.inline-twitter-link – style for the entire link.
  • a.inline-twitter-link span – style for the twitter logo at the end of the link.
  • a:hover.inline-twitter-link – style for the entire link with when hovered over it.
  • a:hover.inline-twitter-link span – style for the twitter logo at the end of the link when hovered.

Found a Bug?

Any bugs found, please contact us.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Example of how the twitter feed appears in your site.

Cài đặt

To install, please do the following:-

  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use the Add New feature
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Decide on the look of the links in the Settings > Inline Tweet Sharer menu.

Đánh giá

28 Tháng Hai, 2019
I love this plugin. It’s easy to use and adds a wonderfully professional touch of interaction to posts. Note that the new version of Wordpress requires shortcodes to be added like this: [inlinetweet]My text[/inlinetweet] instead of like this: [inlinetweet]]My text[[/inlinetweet].
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
This does EXACTLY what I was looking for! Easy to use and straight forward. Thank you!
Đọc tất cả 11 đánh giá

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Tested with 6.6


  • Tested with 6.4


  • Tested with 6.2


  • Fixed a bug that produced a number of characters of unexpected output on activation.


  • Security Bug discovered, please update. Fixed a XSS Vulnerability.
  • Tested with 6.1


  • Tested with 5.7


  • Tested with 5.5


  • Changed to Bitly API version 4.
  • Removed Stumbleupon & Google +1.


  • Added the ability to disable the CSS.
  • Fixed a display bug in the options page.


  • Tested with 5.2


  • Tested with 5.2


  • Change in structure of integration. Please check to make sure you’re still connected.


  • Introduced the “Bypass UTF-8 Option”, so non standard UTF-8 characters can still be used.


  • Added inline_tweet_sharer_change_tweet_string filter, allowing you to change the filter however you wish
  • Change wording to “Tweet” from “Quote” in the editor section
  • Make PHP 7.0 Compatible due to utf8_decode function being optional


  • Change the hooks order, loading inlinetweetsharer_add_highlightbox_button on admin_init, allowing Gutenberg compatibility.


  • Fixes bug by linking to the paginated post, rather than the front page.


  • Increase Tweet Length to the new 280 length
  • Segmented Newsletter to seperate those who just want plugin updates, and those who want more of the newsletter.


  • Bug fix in option fields, signup form.


  • Bug fix in extrafields, too few fields being passed.


  • Combined the dialog boxes into one dialog box.
  • Restructured Plugin so it’s a lot neater.
  • Prepared for Inline Tweet Sharer Premium.


  • Auto populate user email addresses to get bug fixes.
  • Tweets were cutting off too soon. This has been improved.


  • Introduced a sponsored feature – the ability to remove spaces before/after the prefix/suffix.
  • Removed a debug error on a variable being used before being defined.


  • Modified inclusion of js script to be included after jQuery to avoid undefined jQuery errors – props teolaz
  • Modified check string, now checks HTML encoding characters – props Rachel Wise


  • Fixed a bug to prevent it returning to the top of the page when clicked.


  • Test in 4.3
  • Changed the header to reflect the new styles.
  • Added internal link tracking.


  • Moved the “Extra Class” to the “Advanced” area.


  • Added the ability to set a default prefix and suffix for the tweets.

Total Time Taken – 27 minutes


  • Fixed WP_DEBUG notices in the back end – calling has_cap with a proper capability, rather than by user level.
  • Fixed WP_DEBUG notices in the front end – calling the script enqueuing in the correct place, rather than at init.
  • Called admin_enqueue_scripts to enqueue the scripts, rather than using admin_init
  • Added blank variables for Prefix/Suffix/Tweeter to stop the “Underfined Variable” notice in WP_DEBUG.

Total Time Taken – 23 minutes


  • Changed version number of admin CSS as people were having issues with it updating.


  • Fix to Dashicons for WordPress 3.9 (post TinyMCE 4.0).


  • Fixed Dashicons in admin to be compatible with 3.9


  • Fixed a few display issues that made Inline Tweet Sharer not, well, inline when using dashicons.


  • Integrated dashicons so WordPress v3.8+ dashboards look cleaner.
  • Added the option to use dashicons on the tweets on the front end.


  • Added Integration.


  • Bug fix so that special characters are encoded in the URL.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8


  • Added an extra option where you can create a wrapper div around the tweet. Use this to make the Inline Tweet Sharer not inline :).


  • Added Internationalisation.
  • Added an Italian Translation – thanks Davide De Maestri. &

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the readme file 🙂


  • Fixed a bug when people clicked “Cancel” the word “null” was shared.

  • Spelling mistake in the readme.txt affected the look of the listing.


  • Bug fix that strips the HTML tags for tweeted text
  • Bug fix that removes @’s should users put in extra @’s.


  • Updated Stable tag so it works. Whoops! Sorry guys!


  • Added an option to “Capitalise” the first letter of the tweet.
  • Fixed a bug that so now the “Default” twitter handle can be used.


  • Add a title attribute to the link.


  • Fixed an error in the options page that displayed the wrong plugin title should you have one or more plugins installed of mine.


  • Fixed a small bug in the readme file.


  • First Release