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Plugin Name: IFS Seo Simple

Mô tả

This plugin is intended to make on site SEO very simple, not necessarily easy. The basic idea is to add the meta description tag to your pages and posts.

Next to adding the meta description tag it also has the option to override the default title of your post and/or display clean titles without the site name.

More information about the background of the plugin in the IFS SEO Simple main screen. Just download and install. The plugin won’t change anything before you configure it, so you can install it safely. You will only see some additional fields in the edit screen, but if left empty they don’t do anything.

Ảnh màn hình

  • This screenshot shows the fields added to your edit post and edit page screens. You can set the meta description for the individual post or page here. By putting text in the title you override the default title for the post or page.

  • This screenshot shows the IFS SEO Simple configuration screen.

  • This screenshot shows how to show or hide the IFS SEO Simple area in the edit page or post screens.

Cài đặt

The IFS Simple SEO module does not require any specific installation, except just download from WordPress and install yourself or use the WordPress installer.

If you have also the IFS mass mailer plugin you may need to upgrade that plugin to the latest version as some versions are incompatible.

You will first need to configure e.g. default title and description in the configuration screen before anything will change in the site.

Hỏi đáp

Do the ideas implemented in this plugin work

We don’t know, but nobody really knows how Google ranks sites, not even the Google engineers as one may presume everything is automated.

We do believe that manual titles and meta description are always better than the automatic. Only you know what you want people to see in the search results of Google.

We left options for you to decide, like whether to use standard WordPress titles or not.

Đánh giá

There are no reviews for this plugin.

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“Plugin Name: IFS Seo Simple” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Solved minor error with ‘countable’. Now I understand the error in phpMyAdmin.
  • Upgraded to latest version of ‘mini-lib’.
  • Updated to latest WordPress version.


  • Removed keywords meta tag functionality.
  • Updated latest supported WordPress version.
  • Updated to latest Google Analytics code.


  • Added thumbnail feature (IFS version only).
  • Tested up to 4.7.3.


  • Added support for OpenGraph tags.
  • Added option to add Google Analytics id.
  • Changed ‘tested up to 4.5.2


  • Adding support for IFS post types. Does not affect public version.
  • Changed ‘tested up to 4.1.1’.


  • No change, Just changed ‘tested up to 4.0’.


  • Fixed minor error when there is no $post->ID.


  • Fixed error getting title when there is no $post (e.g. search page).
  • Added feedback page with installation confirmation.
  • Split up the code in multiple files for easier maintenance.


  • Added display of current configuration in home screen.
  • Added screenshots and banner.


  • Fetch old custom fields title, description and keywords in back-end.


  • Better handling of html special characters.
  • Short term fix for slashes issue.
  • Better solution for inclusion of standard ADD mini library. May be incompatible with earlier IFS mailer plugin. Just upgrade to the latest version of both.


  • Made user friendly section of the edit screen so the custom fields option is not needed.
  • Made option for showing clean title tag.
  • Backwards compatible with the previous custom fields.
  • Improvements in the title handling.
  • Removed the defines for title and keywords as per original plugin (most likely only used by IFS).


  • Some textual changes including better instructions.
  • Fixed small bug in configuration page.


  • Fixed configuration link in main text.
  • Added noindex option for archive pages.


  • Just copied some stuff from the IFS template.