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Iframe Preserver

Mô tả

The Iframe Preserver plugin allows you to easily embed an iframe in a page or post and preserves your embedded iframes by allowing use of WordPress’ Custom Fields. This keeps the WordPress editor from stripping out the iframe in Visual editing mode. You do not need to do any editing or modification to the shortcode or iframe code. Works for all iframe embeds including YouTube, Vimeo, Scribd and even Real Estate IDXs. It is an efficent light weight plugin.

Just place the shortcode [field name=iframe] in the page or post where you would like the iframe to appear. Then in the Custom Fields section for Name enter “iframe” (less quotes) and for Value paste in the exact iframe code you are provided and wish to display. You can do this in either Visual mode or Text mode, it will not make a difference. Future page or post edits in either mode will also not make a difference. The iframe embed is preserved.

If you cannot find the Custom Fields options in your editing screen, go to the upper right corner and click on “Screen Options” and make sure that Custom Fields is checked to display.

Cài đặt

You can install Iframe Preserver directly from the WordPress admin panel. Visit Plugins > Add New and search for ‘Iframe Preserver’. Click to automatically install. Once installed, activate and Iframe Preserver is functional.

The old school install for Iframe Preserver plugin:

  1. Download and unzip the file

  2. Upload the iframe-preserver folder to your plugins directory

  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  4. You are now ready to use the Plugin according to the directions in the description.

Hỏi đáp

Q – How do I use the Iframe Preserver plugin?

A – After you install and activate the plugin: 1. Place the short code [field name=iframe] where you wish to embed the iframe. 2. In Custom Fields, add new field. For Name enter iframe. For Value enter the complete iframe code you want to embed. Save.

Q – I can’t find the Custom Fields section.

A – In the upper right corner of your editing screen is a tab labled “Screen Options”. Click on it and make sure Custom Fields is checked to display.

Q – Are there any settings?

A – No, this is a very light weight plugin. The function is either activated or not simply through the status of the plugin.

Q – How can I create the iframe HTML code that goes in the Value section of the Custom Fields?

A – If it is not provided to you you will need to create it. In many situations you may find it easiest to use an iframe code generator. There are many good free ones. Use this Google query to find one that you like [ Google online iframe code generator ]

Q – Can I use this plugin to place more than one iframe in a page or post?

A – Yes. As many iframes can be embedded in a page or post as you may want. Just increment the field name, say from iframe1 to iframe2, iframe3 … iframeX. For example if you wanted three iframes in the page your short codes could be [field name=iframe1] [field name=iframe2] [field name=iframe3] and then in the Name section of the Custom Fields area you would have one for each short code. So one line would have
Name = iframe1
Value = < your iframe code >
and so on as needed.

Đánh giá

7 Tháng Hai, 2017
It works and works well. Better than a normal iframe as the rest of your page works, integrated. Nice plugin, recommended.
Đọc tất cả 7 đánh giá

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12 December 2012 – Version 1.1 Maintenance release for WP 3.5

23 June 2011 – Version 1.0.1 Corrected typos

22 June 2011 – Version 1.0