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Helios Solutions Z-Index Flip Slider

Mô tả

This plugin allow you to show off the projects screenshot, images in very unique way. By clicking on Next arrow, Current image will pop from the top part and will be placed behind the next image like we place a card. Vise versa for previous button in gallery.

This plugin is useful for integrating slider easily to
template by placing shortcode to the template or to the

You can create and use as many slides as you’d like with
different categories.

different categories.


  • Featured Image slider
  • jQuery Image flip card likes slider
  • Categorize your pictures.
  • Place it anywhere on your website with easy shortcode and template tags.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Add Category
  • Add Slider image
  • Display Slider images
  • Hsslider Setting

Cài đặt

  1. Upload the plugin folder HS Slider to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins -> Installed plugins -> Activate HS Slider” menu in WordPress.
  3. Find HS Sliders -> Settings and configure the options.
  4. Create HS Slider Categories. Go to HS Sliders -> Add New HS Slider for the category.
  5. You can find the shortcode from the list view of the category.

Display Slider on Page/Post or with template tag.

  1. Copy shortcode from category list view and place <?php do_shortcode( '[hsslider catid=yourcategoryid]' ); ?> in your template – wherever you want it displayed or you can use [hsslider catid=yourcategoryid] into a post or a

  2. Also accept width and height parameter in shortcode.
    e.g [hsslider catid=yourcategoryid width=400 height=300].

Hỏi đáp

I am new to WordPress. Can you please help me in installing the HS flip slider plugin?

Yes, we can surely help you through the installation process of HS flip slider plugin. Kindly visit this link Helios Solutions for complete guidance on the installation process. Also, you can get the live assistance from our Live Chat facility.

Will this plugin work fine with my theme and other plugins?

Yes, This plugin strictly follow wordpress coding standards. it will work with well coded theme and plugins.

Where can I gather additional support for HS flip slider if any issue pops-in?

Please contact us at

Answer to foo bar dilemma.

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*Initial launch of the plugin


  • Compatibility with wordpress version 5.0.1