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HoverSignal WooCommerce Social Proof

Mô tả

Increase your sales for free with HoverSignal now!

HoverSignal adds interactive onsite notifications to your storefront. They display recent orders, on-site activity, products left in stock and a variety of other customer behaviors.
You can also grow your email list with newsletter and sales timer notifications.

4 Notification Types:

1.Social Proof – Show Recent Buyers/Add To Carts. Increase sales and social validation. Show how many people are currently viewing a product, how many people recently purchased it, how many people are checking out right now, and warnings when the stock is below a certain threshold.
2.Email Signup – Build mailing lists automatically with email newsletter popups. Display a notification to collect emails from website visitors. Offer a discount coupon after visitors provided their emails to increase sales.
3.Announcement – Got something special like free shipping or a limited-time offer? Make an announcement about it.
4.Discount Timer – Display a growing discount to increase the length of the customer’s session, increase engagement and boost your SEO ranking.

There’re 6 key reasons why you should give HoverSignal a try:

1.It boosts your conversion rate for free
2.It’s highly customizable: you can choose any data to display (insert automatic or manual data).
3.It’s fast, lightweight and secure. It won’t slow down your site
4.It’s mobile friendly (or you can turn them off for mobile devices)
5.It fits your design. Choose any colors and position (bottom left, bottom right)
6.It’s data-driven. Add different notifications at specific pages, set notification delays for a more life-like experience. Customize the message, style, position, and timing to suit your needs.

Fully Customizable Template & Appearance

Easily customize and style the HTML of notifications by yourself or let your developers use our API interfaces to customize behavior to your store.

Cài đặt

HoverSignal plugin installation is as as easy as it gets, it works only with WooCommerce on your websites.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen OR unzip the plugin archive to ‘/wp-content/plugins’
  2. In the WordPress ‘Plugins’ page, activate the plugin.
  3. Select “HoverSignal” menu item on the sidebar.
  4. Copy over your API key from HoverSignal dashboard and hit “Save”.
  5. Done.


  • HoverSignal inject the javascript code to your website, to display notifications.

  • HoverSignal is a cloud based service and the plugin communicates with the HoverSignal servers,
    including remote webhook calls, data collected includes product details and customer details.

  • HoverSignal plugin relies on for its work. The plugin uses API-key to connect with API to output web notifications of the latest orders in Woocommerce.

  • – prices.

  • – terms

  • – privacy-policy

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