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Google Maps GPX Viewer

Mô tả

Demo pages
GPX file with multiple tracks and POIs
GPX Viewer, invite your visitors to drag there own gpx or kml on the map
TourScout, lists all tracks, google placec search
TourScout Navi App, lists all tracks, google placec search
GPX & KML files with elevation profile
Topo maps from foreign countries
Google Fusion Tables
Yellow-Pages & Google Places
Map search with Geocodes
Track & POI Editor

Description, FAQ, Support blog

This plugin inserts google maps to your posts.
Upload GPS tracks, trails or Points of Interests by gps files like kml or gpx
Create and edit tracks, waypoints and POI’s.
Show an interactive elevation profile and download link on tracks & routes.
Insert Panoramio pictures selected by tags or user ID.
Add address or lat-lon markers with your own image or icon.
In edit mode use the Insert Map Button to place your map or use shortcodes.
Specially adapted for geoportal owner and blogger like cycling, biking, walking, sailing, flying, offroad but usable for travelling, tourist office, car rental and real estate too.

* GPS files KML or GPX
* GPS Viewer drag KML or GPX on the map
* TourScout
* Map Editor
* Panoramio Pictures
* Elevation Profile on tracks
* Google Fusion Table with query option and auto viewport
* Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, OSGEO Map
* add unlimited WMS, OSM or OSGEO server
* multiple maps on the same post
* Marker-manager to toggle POIs

Supported ShortCodes
Insert the following shortcode [map option=”value”] into your posts
where option can be:
maptype=OSM values: roadmap, terrain, satellit, hybrid, Relief, OSM, ‘OSM cycle’, WMS
style=”width:300px; height400px; margin:20px” must be css-conform
gpx=”direct or absolute path to the gpx-file”
kml=absolute path to the kml-file
address=”Berlin, Germany” location by geocoded address
lat=”51.093″ lon=”7.23544″ location latitude/longitude
z=”15″ set zoom level (0-20) depends on maptype
marker=”yes” add location marker
infowindow=”text to be published” add Infowindow
markerimage=”URL” add custom marker image
pano=”yes”add images from Panoramio
panotag=”tag/user-id”select Ponoramio images by tag or user ID
traffic=”yes” add traffic layer
bike=”yes” add bicyle layer
fusion=”934502,Location,postcode < 40000″ add google fusion table layer
mtoggle=”yes” markers list to toggle POIs

Ảnh màn hình

  • GPX file with track, waypoints, elevation profile and download link in your post
  • Map manager to style and configure your map
  • Option setting page
  • Track and waypoint editor

Cài đặt

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it running.

  1. Download and unzip in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. In case of updating you may need to adjust your option settings.
  4. In edit mode use the Insert Map Button to configure and insert maps or use shortcodes.
  5. Use the WP-Widget Interface to get Widget Maps with POIs or a Map search
  6. Since V 3.6 After Updating your Advance,- Pro- or Ultimate- Version go to the plugins settings page delete your key and press save settings, after that reenter the key and press save settings!

Hỏi đáp

Do you have questions or problems with Google Maps GPX Viewer drop me a line here

FAQ, description, demos, blog

Đánh giá

1 Tháng Tư, 2021
I have set the settings on OSM. If I have made a page map with a GPX file in it. I get the message " Google Maps cannot be loaded correctly on this page. Do you own this website?"
21 Tháng Hai, 2018
I've been trying for several months now to get the Pro version, which has features that I need. I've left multiple messages on the purchase website, but have never received a response. This is unfortunate - if it wasn't for this issue, I would give this a 5 star rating. The free version works very well for me, without difficulty (as long as it is the only plugin that uses the Google Maps API on the page), but I need the Pro features. Frustrating!
Đọc tất cả 15 đánh giá

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

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Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Map search widget,
  • GPX upload widget, POI-widget, (advanced-version only)
  • TourScout Addon (pro-version only)
  • TourScout Android App (ultimate only)


  • bugfixes PLUGIN_NAME, Lat-Lon KML center


  • incompatibility with jetpack solved, minor bugfixes


  • extended PRO functionality Google Places (+ Local) search,


  • POI Marker-Manager to toggle GPX Markers on/off,


  • toggle kml overlay on/off, search geolocation


  • multiple extensions like panoramio pictures, track and waypoint editor, track file upload


  • map manager to style and configure maps


  • full size mode bugfix


  • KML/GPX bugfix


  • Prepared for Mobile Sensor API.


  • Elevation Profile and Download Link on GPX and KML files containing track data


  • new JS fkt. showMarkers(map, sym, visible) now you can control the visibility of GPX markers
    sample call: showMarkers(map_0, 2, false); hides all sym_2.png icons
  • bugfix: kml multimap