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Gravity Forms salesforce Add-on sends form submissions from Gravity Forms to Salesforce CRM when anyone submits a form on your site. Learn more at crmperks.com. We also offer other connector for Pardot Gravity Forms Pardot Integration.

Gravity Forms salesforce Add-on Setup

  • Go to Forms -> Settings -> salesforce then add new account.
  • Go to Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> salesforce then create new feed.
  • Map required salesforce fields to Gravity Forms form fields.
  • Send your test entry to salesforce CRM by clicking “Send to Salesforce” button.
  • Go to Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> salesforce Logs and verify status of previously sent entries.

Connecting salesforce account

Connect any gravity forms form to salesforce account by safe and secure Oauth 2.0. Additionally, you can connect multiple salesforce accounts to Gravity Forms.

Map salesforce crm fields

Select any Salesforce Object then Map gravity forms form fields to salesforce object(Contacts, Company, Order, account, case, Opportunity etc) fields.

Filter Gravity Forms Salesforce entries

Either send all entries to salesforce or send specific entries based on user input. For example , only send those form entries to salesforce which contanin work email address.

Manually sending entries to salesforce

You can automatically Send gravity forms submissions to salesforce crm when a user submits a form. Also, you can manually send gravity forms submissions to salesforce.

Gravity Forms Salesforce CRM logs

View a detailed log of each gravity forms submission Whether sent or not sent to salesforce CRM , You can easily resend any entry to salesforce.

Send Data As salesforce object Notes

Send one to many Gravity Forms form fields as salesforce Object notes when someone submits a contact form on your site.

Create Or Update Contact in Salesforce

If a contact,lead,account or any object already exists in salesforce , update it otherwise create a new object in salesforce.

Premium Version Features.

Following features are available only in premium version. Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on Pro.

  • Salesforce Custom fields and particularly Phone fields fields.
  • Upload attachments to “Files” section of Salesforce.
  • Add Lead or Contact to a Campaign.
  • Assign one Object to other object. for example Assigning an Account to Salesforce Contact.
  • Assign Object(Contact, Lead etc) Owner in Salesforce.
  • When any user submits a contact form, track gclid, utm parameters and geolocation.
  • Lookup customer’s email or phone number using popular email and phone number lookup services.
  • 20+ premium addons

Free Gravity forms Salesforce add-on

Easily integrate Gravity Forms to Salesforce with this free Gravity Forms Salesforce add-on. You can Create/Update a contact, account, case, Opportunity or Order in Salesforce crm when anyone submits a contact form on your site.

Want to send Gravity Forms entries to other crms

We have Premium Extensions for 20+ CRMs.View All CRM Extensions

Need Salesforce Plugin for Woocommerce ?

We have Salesforce add-on for Woocommerce. Woocommerce Salesforce Integration

Gravity Forms Pardot Integration

We have a separate plugin for Pardot. Gravity Forms Pardot Integration

Ảnh màn hình

  • Connecting Salesforce Account to Gravity Forms.
  • Mapping Salesforce fields.
  • Gravity Forms Salesforce crm logs.
  • Manually Send Gravity Forms entry to Salesforce crm.
  • Get Customer's email and phone infomation from Full Contact(Premium feature).
  • Get Customer's gclid, utm parameters , geolocation, browser and OS (Premium feature).

Hỏi đáp

Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at https://www.crmperks.com/contact-us/.

How to integrate salesforce with Gravity Forms

You can easily integrate salesforce with Gravity Forms. Simply install this free Salesforce wordpress Gravity Forms plugin, Connect salesforce account and map Gravity Forms fields to salesforce object(lead, account etc) fields.

Gravity Forms salesforce web to lead

if your organization does not has API access then simply use salesforce web to lead feature. Easily map Gravity Forms form fields to salesforce case or lead fields.

Gravity forms salesforce crm integration

create or update any object(contact, account, lead, case, opportunity, task, custom object etc) in salesforce crm when any user submits a contact form.

Which salesforce editions support API Access

Salesforce API access is enabled in following editions.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

Which salesforce editions support API (with payment)

You can purchase Salesforce API access in following editions.

  • Professional Edition

Which salesforce editions do not support API access

Following salesforce editions do not support API access.

  • Contact Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Spark Edition
  • Essential Edition

Can i use salesforce custom fields

No, because Some features like Salesforce custom modules and phone number and custom fields fields are available only in Pro version.

Does this salesforce plugin supports date/time fields

Yes, date/time fields are supported in both API and web to lead.

Does this plugin support salesforce checkboxes and multiple select box

yes, gravity forms salesforce add-on supports both salesforce checkboxes and multiple select fields.

Can i use or assign object created or updated or found by one feed in other feed

yes, You can use ID of an object created or updated by one feed in other feed. For example, adding a contact to Opportunity.

Can i pass my custom value to a salesforce field

yes, You can map a form field to any salesforce object field. Similarly, you can map your custom value to a salesforce field.

What is the difference between free and pro version

Following features are not available in free version.

  • Salesforce custom fields and particularly phone number fields.
  • Assign ID of object created by one feed to other feed.

Can i use salesforce sandbox

Yes, as you connect your normal salesforce account similarly, you can connect your sandbox account. fields mapping is same for both normal and sandbox accounts.

Đánh giá

25 Tháng Mười, 2021
As an experienced WordPress user, I have been exposed to hundreds of plug-ins. The CRM Perks "Gravity Forms to Salesforce" plug-in is an outstanding piece of programming that served our purposes perfectly. Specifically, it allowed us to connect the leads captured from Gravity Forms to our mortgage CRM (Salesforce-based). (This might normally require an intermediary program like Zapier.) I especially applaud the UI design that made the process intuitive once the Feeds were created.
25 Tháng Mười, 2021
This add on has helped streamline our lead generation process, easily taking website leads we get and turning them into Salesforce Lead records. We've been using this for several years and the company is very responsive when we have questions. Highly recommended.
14 Tháng Mười, 2021
Does exactly what we need it to do. Excellent work and great documentation!
14 Tháng Mười, 2021
Never thought integration with SF would be so smooth! Very easy to understand and navigate around. Prompt responses by support team too. Thanks for coming up with such a great product!
6 Tháng Mười, 2021
Tried free version to make a quick test. Purchased Pro version the next day to connect all the dots. Free version has some major limitations to make a proper integration. WP > SF integration in general is not a simple task, but via this Plugin we've managed to solve all the issues quickly and integrate web leads sending to SalesForce quite easily. Quite a simple interface, informative errors (handy when you need to debug). And (email) support with good reaction times. Godspeed!
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  • fixed “undefined post function” issue.


  • fixed “empty space in string field” issue.
  • fixed “new line from textarea field” issue.


  • fixed “empty note fields” issue.


  • added “auto trim lengtly fields” feature.


  • fixed “date escaping” issue.


  • fixed “connection lost” issue.


  • fixed “missing Order fields” issue.


  • fixed “updating product price” issue.


  • fixed “optin filter” issue with feed ID.


  • fixed missing logs issue.


  • fixed date format issue.
  • fixed “partial entry” issue.


  • added campaign ID field.


  • fixed permission error with settings page.


  • fixed us date format issue with web2lead.
  • fixed survey addon question field.
  • fixed live picklists.


  • added support entries added via GF REST API.
  • fixed date field.


  • fixed timezone issue in date_created field.
  • fixed sanitize currency issue.
  • added “disable_log” feature.
  • fixed “salesforce option label”.


  • fixed timezone issue in date field.


  • added separate note title feature.
  • fixed file_get_contents function for files.
  • fixed “test connection” button
  • fixed “hidden connection notice” issue


  • fixed another “self::$order is undefined” error.


  • fixed “self::$order is undefined”.


  • added name and email as Primary key.
  • fixed entities issue in multi-picklist value.


  • fixed empty date issue.


  • fixed checkbox field in salesforce web2lead.
  • fixed date time field formats.
  • fixed filter options.


  • fixed empty gravity forms fields list.


  • fixed “Invalid options[object-object] in picklists”.


  • fixed “error while getting fields”.


  • added salesforce sandbox support.


  • Initial release.