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WordPress Photo Gallery

Gallery – Photo Gallery is a cool responsive image gallery plugin with awesome views. Which allows you to add unlimited galleries and unlimited images in your prefered format.
WordPress Photo Gallery plugin is a free gallery plugin with many functionalities and parameters. Our Photo Gallery has two different ways of uploading: Single image upload and multiple images upload. You can add unlimited photo galleries and images to your site and not forgetting about the fact that our Photo Gallery plugin is very simple and easy to use.

Photo Gallery plugin has two important and useful advantages:
thumbnail size and images lazy loading features.
The image gallery plugin also has an responsive lightbox which gives a beautiful effect to the gallery and provides slideshow of your photos.

The features that Photo Gallery plugin provides:

  • Multi images upload: There is a multiple images upload button in the admin dashboard which allows you to add as many images as you want at once.
  • Simple image upload: You can add pictures to your Gallery one by one.
  • Lightbox Gallery: Photo Gallery provides a beautiful slideshow to your photo album.
  • Image attributes: Every image has attributes: title, alt, description and URL. The simple photo gallery fills the title and alt attributes automatically (by the name that you have given to the pictures in your PC) which makes your work easier. And as for the URL you can add the URL address of whatever you want.
  • Image ordering: The arrangement of the pictures is being done by Title, Date and Random.
    If random arrangement is selected, every time when you reload the page photo gallery plugin shows you random images from your single gallery.It helps you to create random gallery with random photos, which can grab your users attention. The arrangement of pictures in gallery can be done also by drag and drop.
  • Thumbnail size: You are given a possibility to choose your preferable thumbnail size.The thumb will load faster when you choose small thumbnail size (from wordpress default image sizes). In our Gallery plugin, you will not meet any inconvenience with the speed. And thank this the time of the load is shorten.
  • Images loading: Global Loading and Lazy Loading.
  • Gallery width: This parameter is useful because most of the people use gadgets and different devices for the Internet (for 100%, leave blank).This is the fully responsive Picture Gallery.
  • Column count: You can choose the number of columns (only in grid view).
  • Gallery type: Grid view, Mosaic view and Masonry view. Mosaic and Masonry view will provide a beautiful effect to your Gallery. And the Grid view, of course, which is a default view. (there are 30+ awesome views in Pro version)

Now, let’s turn to the Photo Gallery style options. Here the plugin has more than 10 cool hover effects for photos. You can also change the transparency level of the hover overlay of the image. It has hover icons and hover zoom effect. The images in the photo gallery are zoomable.
There is gallery lightbox main color option, which allows you to choose your preferred color for lightbox and image overlay.

The page will load faster due to the Thumbnails Size and Lazy Loading parameters.
This is wordpress image gallery plugin with thumbnails. For the fast performance of the images here comes lightweight thumbs.
What is Image Loading Parameter? It is a functionality which helps to your site to load faster.
Global Loading and Lazy Loading: Global loading is the load of the Gallery with images (when the loading finishes the Gallery and images open together) and the other one is when the Gallery opens but the images are loaded one by one. And this will not slow down your site.

From the point of view of marketing, we can say, that all the images in the Gallery have alt attribute through which the page SEO rank raises. The load time is faster than anywhere. It is the best photo gallery
plugin in the wp directory. For example, if you are a photographer, architecture, make-up artist, programmer, designer, etc. you can show your works by making your own free galleries from your photo library. The Photo gallery plugin allows to create awesome photographers gallery,architectures gallery, make-up artists gallery, programmers gallery, designers gallery and etc. As your users first of all want to see your jobs and if you have a site the first issue is the gallery of your works. It is an open secret, that 70% of nowadays people use their cellphones as a means of interaction on the Internet. So, here we offer responsive Gallery and responsive Lightbox. You just arrange your portfolio with the help of our Image Gallery plugin. Your portfolio images will be in a high quality with this easy image gallery plugin. And in this way you can provide your works to your users with elegant and modern views such as Mosaic and Masonry view. And by filling in the blanks you can add the information about your work including price and more detailed material for your customers. Here, you can create both single and multiple Galleries. So you will give thorough information about your portfolio.

Why choose our plugin?

The advantages of The Gallery Plugin.

  • No restriction neither in the number of galleries nor in the number of images.
  • Free version gallery plugin of 3 types of view: Grid view, Mosaic view, Masonry view.
  • Free version gallery plugin Image Loading: Global loading and Lazy loading.
  • Fully customized. As the plugin has settings and styles options you can customize everything yourself.

Our customers are very precious for us and the support works very fast. And this plugin is the best and easiest image Gallery Plugin you have ever seen.


  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Unlimited Images
  • Image settings
  • Add multiple images at once
  • Gallery preview
  • Thumbnail Size option
  • Images ordering
  • Lazy loading
  • Global loading
  • Columns count
  • Gallery views – grid, mosaic, masonry
  • Gallery images hover settings
  • Style settings
  • Responsive design

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • 30+ awesome views
  • 20+ Transition effects
  • 20+ Animation easing effects
  • Transition speed (in ms)
  • Lightbox overlay settings
  • Lightbox live preview
  • Share buttons
  • Full screen button
  • Images actual size button
  • Download button
  • Mouse wheel
  • Thumbnails settings
  • Key control
  • More on the way …

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail

Ảnh màn hình

  • Photo Gallery - front end preview in action
  • Photo Gallery - dashboard preview in action
  • Photo Gallery - front end lightbox preview
  • Photo Gallery - front end masonry view
  • Photo Gallery - front end mosaic view
  • Photo Gallery - front end grid view


This plugin provides 1 block.

Gallery - Photo Gallery

Cài đặt

There are two ways to install Photo Gallery: the easy way, when you install Photo Gallery from your WordPress dashboard, and the not so easy way, when you install it from

  • 1.1 The easiest way to enjoy Photo Gallery:
  • 1.1.1 Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • 1.1.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.1.3 Add New
  • 1.1.4 Search for Photo Gallery
  • 1.1.5 Click to install
  • 1.2 The second way:
  • 1.2.1 Download the zip file from
  • 1.2.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.2.3 Add New
  • 1.2.4 Upload plugin
  • 1.2.5 Choose file ays
  • 1.2.6 Click to install

  • 1.3 In order to install the Photo Gallery from you must unzip the archive and copy the gallery-photo-gallery folder into your plugins folder (\wp-content\plugins).
    After one ofthis steps you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
    Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Photo Gallery.

Hỏi đáp

1. Can I add as many images as I want in Gallery?

Yes, you can add here an unlimited number of images.

2. Do I get support in case of any problem?

In the Free version, you get support for 3 months for one site. In the Business Pro version, you get support for 12 months for 5 sites. In the Developer Pro version, you get lifetime premium support for unlimited sites.

3. Is the Gallery responsive?

Yes, our Gallery is responsive.

4. How do I add a Gallery to my website?

After installing the Gallery, you need to click “Gallery-Photo Gallery” in the admin dashboard. Afterward, click “Add new” then you need to add images and fill in the appropriate blanks (title, description, alt, URL) then click the button of “save changes”. Then, just take the shortcode from the list of Galleries and put it any page or post. Soon after, see the results.

5. Can I add as many Galleries as I want?

Yes, you can add here an unlimited number of Galleries.

6. What Gallery views are there?

There are 3 types of gallery views, Grid, Mosaic and Masonry. All these views you will find in the Free version.

7. Will the speed of the page fall because of many images?

No, due to the choice of “thumbnail size” the speed of your site will be faster.

8. Can I use Custom CSS for the Gallery?

Yes, you can use any CSS for your Gallery.

9. Can I add 50 and more images at once?

Yes, you can add as many images as you want to your Gallery at the same time and also, you can delete them at once.

10. How many Galleries can I put on the same page?

You can add as many Galleries as you want on the same page.
note: Putting the same Gallery twice, will bring an undesirable consequence.

Đánh giá

3 Tháng Chín, 2016
While it did work, the photos were stretched and choppy. Bad programming. Also, if you want to do cool stuff, you need to pay. Not mentioned before uploading.
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
Simple and amazing way to introduce your images. Enjoy it
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Fixed: bug connected with sql injection


  • Fixed: bug connected with admin save action
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.7.2


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.4


  • Optimized code, improved security
  • Added: Gallery will be shown 3 columns
  • Added: 2 views mosaic, grid


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.7
  • Fixed: small design issues
  • Added hover effects on both (mosaic and grid view)


  • Fixed: bugs with old PHP versions
  • Added: Dashboard notices
  • Added: Multilang support


  • Updated: Dashboard design


  • Updated: Dashboard full redesign


  • Updated: Gallery Mosaic view display style


  • Added: Multiple uploade button


  • Updated: Dashboard design
  • Fixed: Uninstall issue


  • Added: Option for gallery image hover effect
  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Added: Gallery images titles and alts default values
  • Fixed: Gallery title saving issue
  • Modified: Activation functionallity


  • Added: Tinymce button
  • Updated: Gallery display style


  • Fixed: Images hover issue


  • Fixed: Gallery display issue
  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Updated: Gallery admin dashboard design
  • Added: Image hover opacity option
  • Added: Gallery additional saving button


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues
  • Added: Gallery column count option
  • Added: Images size option


  • Fixed: Activation issue
  • Fixed: Gallery display issues
  • Added: Custom CSS option


  • Added: Gallery lightbox color option


  • Added: Images ordering option
  • Added: Detele all images button
  • Fixed: Gallery lightbox issue
  • Updated: Gallery restrictions


  • Added: Images distance option
  • Added: Images hover icon option
  • Added: Show images title option
  • Added: Show images title with date option
  • Added: Show images title on selected place option
  • Fixed: Gallery lightbox issue
  • Updated: Gallery dashboard style


  • Added: Images loading option
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard save issue


  • Added: Images border radius option
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard notice issue
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard display issues


  • Added: Bulk delete button
  • Added: Images zoom in hover option
  • Added: Admin dashboard images pagination


  • Fixed: Images thumbnails size issue
  • Fixed: Grid view correct display issue
  • Added: Link button for URL on image hover


  • Added: Live preview for gallery in dashboard


  • Added: Show title option
  • Added: Show description option
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues
  • Fixed: Front-end display issues


  • Added: Image hover effect option
  • Added: Image hover animation option
  • Added: Tooltips for admin dashboard fields
  • Fixed: Front-end images hover issues


  • Added: Masonry view type
  • Added: Elementor page builder support
  • Fixed: PHP version issue
  • Fixed: Gallery live preview issues
  • Fixed: Front-end images hover icon sizes


  • Updated: Gallery lightbox style
  • Fixed: Gallery display issue
  • Fixed: Some bugs in dashboard


  • Updated: POT file
  • Fixed: Some JavaScript issues in dashboard


  • Added: Border option for images


  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.0


  • Fixed: Icons conflict with SVG
  • Fixed: Some bugs in admin dashboard
  • Added: Lightbox images counter option
  • Added: Lightbox images slide show option


  • Removed: Rate message
  • Added: Lightbox images slide duration option


  • Fixed: Ordering issue
  • Fixed: Images border issue
  • Fixed: Activation errors issue


  • Added: PRO features
  • Fixed: Shortcode issues
  • Updated: Border-radius default value
  • Fixed: Mosaic view hover issue
  • Fixed: Some issue in admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Border radius option issue
  • Fixed: Empty image title issue


  • Added: Gutenberg block support
  • Deleted: Tab cookie


  • Added: Gallery loader option
  • Fixed: Mosaic view issue
  • Fixed: Add image issue on dashboard
  • Fixed: Images loading failed issue
  • Deleted: Height option


  • Added: Upgrade popup
  • Fixed: Different galleries hover icon conflict
  • Fixed: Gallery opening issue
  • Fixed: Description slashes issue


  • Added: Images hover icon size option
  • Updated: Decreased load time and improved performance
  • Fixed: Some issue in front-end


  • Added: Loaders for gallery
  • Added: Featured plugins submenu
  • Fixed: Hover icon issue


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.1
  • Fixed: Gallery live preview new options issue


  • Fixed: WordPress version issue


  • Fixed: Mosaic view issue
  • Fixed: Image title issue
  • Fixed: Some bugs in admin dashboard


  • Added: Thumbs height options for grid view


  • Fixed: Images hover icon position issue


  • Fixed: Deactivator issue
  • Fixed: Images distance issue


  • Fixes: Dashboard css issue


  • Fixed: Quotes issue
  • Added: Defoult value
  • Fixed: New item prepend issue


  • Added: Disable lightbox option


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2


  • Fixed: Lightbox option bug


  • Fixed: Badge issue


  • Fixed: Gallery display issue for iPads


  • Fixed: Masonry and mosaic loading issue


  • Added: Show caption in lightbox option


  • Removed: Default galleries
  • Updated: thumbnail size on “medium”


  • Fixed: Masonry view issue
  • Fixed: Custom URL issue in front-end


  • Fixed: Some backend issues


  • Added: Gallery image border options


  • Fixed: Custom URL issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Masonry view issue


  • Fixed: Inappropriate output in front-end


  • Added: Apply button when adding a new gallery
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.7 WPEditor error


  • Fixed: Saving without pictures issue
  • Added: Item count for list view


  • Fixed: Column count default option issue
  • Added: Link for Pro features


  • Fixed: Lightbox show caption issue


  • Fixed: Lazy loading issue


  • Fixed: Default loader issue


  • Added: Image title position in thumbnail


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.3
  • Updated: All color pickers


  • Fixed: Bug with saving


  • Fixed: Preload icons size issue