Full Woo Commerce Admin

Mô tả

Enhanced Woocommerce administration plugin with category hierarchy display / product list .

Visualize your product catalog with instant display of product with images !!

  • Browse big woocommerce databases of products and categories,
  • drag and drop rearrange categories,
  • search by SKU / TITLE
  • custom product sort order : order product by title, by price, by sku, by total sales

The idea of this plugin comes from the best opensource ecommerce platform after woocommerce : Magento really beats them all in terms of ease of administration, and the most interesting feature is the category tree hierarchy with products display : this plugin brings this magical feature to wordpress , displaying a tree of categories with product thumbnail display.

Please note

  • Support development : full woocommerce is donationware, please use the donate button on you right hand site to help further developments and new feature implementation
  • this is a pre release version for developers only – Only displays 100 first element of selection
  • future versions will include many woocommerce enhancements

* https://github.com/mar10/fancytree
* https://github.com/mar10/fancytree/wiki/ExtDnd
* http://wwwendt.de/tech/fancytree/demo/#sample-ext-dnd.html
* http://sophilabs.github.io/jquery-counter/

Ảnh màn hình

  • woocommerce admin screenshot

Cài đặt

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload wave-woo-admin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. open the woocommerce main menu or woocommerce product menu and choose PRODUCTS / FULL ADMIN

Hỏi đáp

How can I contribute

currently looking for UX specialist

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“Full Woo Commerce Admin” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


20201016 fix front end console error with missing css/jss : remove wp_enqueue in class-wave-woo-admin-public


20201016 fix 5.5.1 compat wave infinite:16


20200630 sort product order : by title, sku price, total sales
20200630 display price, total sales
20200629 cosmetics list


20200626 cosmetics on search bar
20200626 cosmetics on ul list admin/js/wave_init.js admin/class-wave-woo-admin.php


20200625 change id for admin bar menu entry


20200624 grid cosmetics
20200624 automatic preload 10 first
20200624 access from adminbar


20200623 fix pagination, remove infinite scroll


20200623 add Full Admin link in product sub menu


20200622 remove fancy counter, was not really workin


20200622 back to life with 542 compatibility testing


20190826 back to life


* cosmetics : waiting gif , header bar above layout, counter corrections
* pagination and infinite scroll


20170404 introducting graphical display count


20170403 search field type is now working


20170401 add category drag and drop


20160223 – add all products link


Early release

– 20200624 : add quick link / sort by /
– 20200623 : fixed bug on infinite scroll, ALL PRODUCTS
– 20200622 : fixedcheck refreshall table : bug on ALL PRODUCTS does not take paged zero arg
– 20200622 : fixed count : check more than 1 page