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Mô tả

Fetch automatically finds, matches, and tags fashion and beauty products in your content. It is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that takes the hard work out of affiliate linking, but still gives you full control over your products. We’ve designed this platform so you can monetize straight from your WordPress editor.

Add products directly to your images and create product widgets all from WordPress. Make it easier for your readers to shop your posts and maximize the earning potential of your content. To the brands in our network, visit this page.

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Whatever you need, the Fetch team is here to listen and help take your blog to the next level. Support available via email, call, text or chat. For any questions or comments, please contact us.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Product Carousel

Cài đặt


  1. In your WordPress admin backend, navigate to Plugins Add New
  2. Under Search, type in Fetch and click Search
  3. In the search results find the Fetch plugin and click Install now to install it
  4. When plugin is installed click Activate Plugin link
  5. Navigate to the Fetch page in the left sidebar
  6. Create or login to your Fetch account and use your invite code. If you would like an invite, visit

Hỏi đáp

How do I enable Fetch on a post?

  1. Pick any article that you would like Fetch to be active on (for first time users, we suggest using an older post to see how it integrates with your theme before posting it to your front page)
  2. Make sure you list Brands and Clothing types in your post (ex. H&M blouse / Mother jeans /…) – this helps Fetch accurately match clothing seen in your post images.
  3. In your post editor, you can click the Fetch Button at the top of your screen
  4. Click “Fetch Products” to automatically find your matched items. This can take a couple minutes, so sit back and relax.
  5. Click “Add Products” to add anything that we did not match
  6. Click save and Publish to make your products shoppable for your users.
  7. Go to your Fetch dashboard to see your analytics

For detailed instructions on how to onboard, visit this page. To get the password, join our Sign Up at

Your post is now live with Fetch enabled! View your post and scroll through the results.

Đánh giá

31 Tháng Bảy, 2019
I am always interested in writing fashion blogs. And when I started writing fashion posts with this plugin, it’s so helpful for creating product carousel and listing the clothes affiliated to my pictures. This has been really amazing to me so far!
31 Tháng Bảy, 2019
I had to add affiliate links one by one before, and this plugin just finds products for me!!! How cool! I didn’t know a thing like this could exist. It doesn’t always get the exact products, but it usually finds similar items which saves me a ton of time! Even if it doesn’t get the right products, adding products manually through the catalog is also really easy. Also making product carousels is super easy. I hated having to create widgets and then copy and paste the code into my post. Fetch made it really easy to do that and I don’t have to even leave my blog window!
31 Tháng Bảy, 2019
After adding this plugin to my fashion blog, I have been able to find and tag products to my photos in less than 20 minutes– not to mention the product carousel looks great:)!
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“Fetch” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Update: Changed when the UI updates to show that a product has been deleted.
  • Update: Add ability to set PayPal email for commission payments.
  • Update: Added commission analytics page.
  • Update: Add ability to toggle showing the price on products.


  • Update: Add beta label to Fetch products button label.


  • Fix: Issue where some images would disappear when plugin activated.
  • Fix: Issue with rescheduling posts.


  • Fix: Product carousel block not showing for some users.
  • Fix: Issue with PHP 5.4.
  • Fix: Issue when saving posts with Fetch enabled sometimes causing a white screen.


  • Fix: Issue where some users were redirected to 404 after signup.


  • Update: Add toggle switch on each post to allow users to disable Shop Buttons on images.
  • Fix issue of wp_get_image_mime throwing errors when allow_url_fopen = off


  • Update: Slightly redesigned carousel modal.


  • Fix issue with multiple items showing in plugins page.


  • Rebranded to Fetch.
  • Tons of new features: product carousels, ability to fetch products for draft post, and much more.


  • Fix issue with some sites having post content displayed in unwanted areas.


  • Fix issue preventing PHP 5.4.45 sites from activating the plugin.


  • Fix: Permanent progress bar on some sites.
  • Fix: Prevent misc images and icons from showing during initial page load.
  • Update: Added backwards compatibility support for PHP 5.4.45.


  • Fix: Set max width on loading indicator icon.
  • Fix: Correctly show the paginated products in the add product meta box.
  • Update: Shop Button now shows on featured image.


  • Fix: An issue with scss compiling.
  • Fix: Issue where not all Frenzy images would have a shop button added.


  • Fix: Issue with infinite loading bar on images with no returned products from the API.
  • Dev: Replace EC2 instance API urls.
  • Change: Removes Frenzy product API update on page load of post admin edit screen.


  • Bug: Manually added products not loading.


  • Bug: Fix issue with incorrectly storing API response not containing products, which caused API timeouts, shop button not to display, empty products to display in post edit meta box, and potentially cause a fatal error on the post edit screen.
  • Change: Change the “Product Reordering” meta box title to “Frenzy Product Customization”.
  • Change: Change the “Update Products” button text to “Refresh Product List” for clarity and relocate it to the “Frenzy Product Customization” meta box.
  • Change: Change the “Add Products” button text to “Add Additional Products” for clarity.
  • Change: Update the Frenzy Product Customization meta box description for clarity on above button changes.

  • Bug: Fix issue with incorrect backend API call.


  • Bug: Fix issue with post id and permalink showing before content in some posts.
  • Bug: Add variable checks to fix some PHP warnings.
  • Change: Remove JS prompt on post edit screen. A products update will still happen behind the scenes when needed.


  • Bug: Add enqueued CSS and JS file version numbers for cache busting.
  • Bug: Adjust width and height check on post images to include the shop button only on images greater than 150px. Increased from 60px.


  • Bug: Fix issue with update products list prompt showing on new post screen and post edit screens without Frenzy enabled.
  • Bug: Fix issue with Frenzy admin css not being displayed on the new post screen, preventing a loading icon from being hidden on page load.


  • Feature: Adds ability to add products to post product list via ShopStyle API.
  • Feature: Visiting the post edit screen of a post with Frenzy enabled will now result in a cached product data check, and if the cache is expired will prompt the user to update product information from the API. This ensures the product list is always fresh.
  • Change: Update shop button text.
  • Bug: Fix issue with shop button showing on small images and social media icons.
  • Bug: Add variable checks to prevent PHP warnings.
  • Bug: Fix button text being cut off in certain situations.


  • Bug: Fix API call initial article processing return failure handling.
  • Bug: Fix issue with ‘hover’ and ‘always’ options.


  • Feature: Add ability to remove shop similar products.
  • Feature: Add choice to display shop button on hover only or always be visible. Latter is always true on mobile.
  • Bug: Fix issue with tapping “Shop Similar” button in modal on mobile causes tap on “Buy” button.
  • Bug: Fix issue with Shop button not showing up first time after clicking “post/update” then “view post”.


  • Feature: Add ability to order Frenzy widget products.
  • Change: Update style of Buy button when product is sold out.


  • Bug: Fix issue where infinitely loaded posts broke the shop widget.
  • Bug: Fix issue where shop widget products were not being centered correctly.


  • Bug: Fix issue where p elements were getting styles overwritten in shop widget.


  • Bug: Fix issue with hover effects causing double tab for mobile devices.


  • New: Mobile & tablet support.
  • New: Updated shop widget design.
  • Bug: Correctly remove shop similar button if there are no shop similar products..
  • Bug: Correctly remove the filtering option from shop similar dropdown if that section doesn’t have any products.
  • Feature: After clicking back button while in ShopSimilar the user returns to the product they last viewed.


  • Feature: Add option to show the shop button on hover or keep it always visible.


  • Bug: Fix issue with Jetpack lazy loading posts.
  • Bug: Fix issue with PHP 7+ on the new post screen.


  • Feature: Close the shop widget if user clicks outside of it when it is open.
  • Update: Replace Frenzy meta box options with message telling user they need to input their account information.
  • Bug: Fixed overlapping product images in carousel when many products were found.
  • Bug: Fixed issue where clicking ‘Shop Similar’ button multiple times would mess up the carousel functionality.


  • Bug: Fixes issue when shop button is clicked multiple times causing the carousel to skip images.
  • Bug: Fixes issue where shop widget incorrectly displayed on home pages with the ‘Enable Frenzy on feed pages’ option enabled.


  • Feature: Add button in Frenzy meta box to request that the post is updated by Frenzy.