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Flexible Scroll Top

Mô tả

Flexible Scroll Top enables you to add a slick, lightweight and customizable scroll-to-top button that can be customized to match the design of your website.


  • Uses SVG icon which looks sharp at any size and screen resolution
  • Easily understandable and visual options to customize the button’s appearance
  • Customize when and how the button appears or disappears with screen scrolling progression
  • Can be shown/hidden on either/both desktop and mobile views
  • Lightweight. Minimal CSS and JS on the frontend with no jQuery dependency.
  • Great tandem with the Floating Share Button plugin. Works beatifully on both desktop and mobile devices, especially if you are looking for a minimalist approach.

Please see the screenshots below for the range of customizations possible.

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Ảnh màn hình

  • Main options for the button
  • Options to customize the appearance of the button
  • Options to change the behaviour of the button

Cài đặt

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to “Plugins > Add New” page.
  2. Search for “Flexible Scroll Top”.
  3. Click “Install” and then “Activate”.
  4. Go to “Settings > Flexible Scroll Top” and switch to YES on the “Enable?” option and click “Save”.
  5. Customize the appearance and behaviour as needed.

Hỏi đáp

How was this plugin built?

This plugin is built with the excellent WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, generator, CodeStar admin options framework, Back to Top pure javascript library and some nice icons from icon king1, Reda, and Raj Dev.

Đánh giá

Đọc tất cả 3 đánh giá

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“Flexible Scroll Top” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

“Flexible Scroll Top” đã được dịch qua 1 ngôn ngữ. Cảm ơn những người tham gia dịch vì đóng góp của họ.

Dịch “Flexible Scroll Top” sang ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Muốn tham gia phát triển?

Duyệt code, check out SVN repository, hoặc theo dõi nhật ký phát triển qua RSS.

Nhật ký thay đổi

1.5.0 (2022.10.26)

  • [Added] Suppression of all admin notices to keep the plugin settings page clean
  • [Changed] Properly inline CSS styles defined via plugin settings using wp_add_inline_style()
  • [Changed] Properly output behaviour defined via plugin settings in the public js file via wp_localize_script()
  • [Security] Output svg directly, i.e. not via a variable, for better security best practice compliance
  • [Changed] Now uses a prefixed CodeStar Framework to prevent collision with other plugins loading the default, non-prefixed version
  • [Changed] Improved links style in settings page header and footer

1.4.1 (2022.05.26)

  • Tested to be compatible with WordPress 6.0
  • Add review, feedback and donate links in settings page

1.4.0 (April 2022)

  • Downgrade CodeStar framework with free, lighter version

1.3.2 (April 2022)

  • Fix sizing issue with image select buttons due to css conflict

1.3.0 (April 2022)

  • Implement custom corner spacing option

1.2.1 (April 2022)

  • Modify button z-index property so it stays on top

1.2.0 (March 2022)

  • Add background hover color settings

1.1.0 (February 2022)

  • Replace “Hide on Mobile” option with “Show on Desktop” and “Show on Mobile” options. This is for better control of how the button is shown or hidden on both screen sizes.

1.0.2 (February 2022)

  • Update SVG icon definitions to work with Safari on iOS.

1.0.1 (February 2022)

  • Capitalize “Hide on Mobile” field title.

1.0.0 (February 2022)

  • Initial, stable release.