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Fale Conosco Nvoip

Mô tả

Fale Conosco Nvoip is an omnichannel communication service for WordPress that focuses on connecting your company with your website visitors via WhatsApp, Chat and telephony. It allows you to efficiently interact with your customers, thus increasing your conversion and sales. Customize the widgets freely, defining the colors, the call to action text and the position where the floating button will be displayed and even choose which widgets will be rendered on your web page. To use the chat and telephony features of this service, you must have an Nvoip account.

We use edge servers to reduce latency and thus improve the loading time of chat, WhatsApp and telephony information on your website. Communication between your website and Fale Conosco is done through the link We guarantee all the security that Amazon CDN offers.
By installing Fale Conosco, you agree with the following terms of use and privacy policies of Nvoip and Amazon Web Services and declare to be aware that both services are in accordance with the General Data Protection Laws.

Ảnh màn hình

  • General setup: define which widgets will be displayed on your page and customize the elements.
  • Telephony configuration: customize the screen, changing colors, texts and the logo that will be displayed 3.WhatsApp setup: enter the WhatsApp number for customers to contact and set a default message that will be sent by customers. 4.Centralize communication with your customers
  • Unify the contact options in the Contact Us button: WhatsApp, Chat and Telephony
  • Customize the phone screen your way, changing color, logo and texts. 7.Enable chat and interact with your customers actively and receptively, in real time. 8.Enable WhatsApp and have one more communication channel with your customers.

Hỏi đáp

Can I use Fale Conosco on more than one page?

Yes, you can use it on specific pages or on as many pages as you want.

Do I need to have a Nvoip account to use the plugin?

No, if you don’t have a Nvoip account you will only be able to use the WhatsApp widget.

Where do I find the telephony and chat tags?

You will need to get in touch with our customer service team, they will send you the telephone tag, and the chat tag can be found in the Nvoip panel in the Chat > ​​Installation menu.

I have more questions, where can i ask?

You can write us at our website.

Đánh giá

14 Tháng Hai, 2023
This plugin is fantastic. With a account on Nvoip you can unlock a lot of free features.
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