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Embed React app

Mô tả

This is a simple way how to embed react application in to your post. In my blog, a wanted include small application, but typical react app is a single page app, hardly linked in index.html. He needed a simple way to solve it. The result is visible on my blog, for example: Embeding Google Photos album.

How to do it

You need compiled React app hosted on public url. Find filenames after building an application. If you using create-ract-app script, all what you need, find in “static” directory. Assemble file names into a shortcode like this:

[reactapp id="root" js="pathto/static/js/main.000000.js" css="pathto/static/css/main.000000.css"]
[reactapp id="custom_id" "pathto/static/js/main.000000.js" "pathto/static/css/main.000000.css" "pathto/static/css/another.css"]
  • id – ID of application root element
  • js[n] – path to Java script bundle
  • css[n] – path to Stylesheet
  • (files are detected automaticly by extension js/css)

That’s all.
When application was updated, you must setup new links to shortcode.
If you want to more information about this plugin, you may visit Embedding a React Application to WordPress post post in my blog.


Release Date – 18 January 2019

  • Multiple script insert for new react build compatibility.


  • React application shortcode.

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