Emb3D Model Viewer

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This plugin allows you to embed a 3D model viewer in your Elementor or WooCommerce site.
3D models are all the rage these days. Whether you’re an architect, product designer, or marketer,
chances are you’ve needed to find a way to show off your work in 3D.

Emb3D Model Viewer is a 3D model viewer widget for Elementor and WooCommerce.
With it, you can easily embed 3D models into your pages and products, and view them in real-time.

It’s perfect for showing off products, architecture, or any other kind of 3D model.
And, because it’s built on WebGL, it’s super fast and smooth.

So, if you’re looking for a way to show off your 3D work in a beautiful, interactive way,
Emb3D Model Viewer is the perfect solution.

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  • Elementor: integrates seamlessly with Elementor Editor through a specific widget, supporting background and sizing
  • WooCommerce: you can attach a 3d model to a product, adding a link or replacing the product image
  • Media Library integration: Models are handled like other Media
  • Rotation and Zoom, it also supports touch
  • LIGHT: GLB and GLFT models supported, Proprietary Compressed and Optimized Emb3D format to secure your models
  • PREMIUM: No waterkmark
  • PREMIUM: Multiple viewer in the same page

Ảnh màn hình

  • Adding Emb3D Model Viewer Widget when editing a page with Elementor
  • Options panel, click upload button
  • Selecting a model from library or uploading new one
  • Changing the background color
  • WooCommerce product image replaced with a 3D Model

Cài đặt


  • You will find Emb3D Viewer widget in Elementor Editor, with various options and preview


  • While editing a product, locate Emb3D Model Viewer meta box and click “Select model”

Hỏi đáp

Which 3D files currently this plugin support?

It supports GLB/GLFT and Proprietary EMB3D format,
the Premium version also supports 3DS, ASE, DAE, FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL

How to upload a model with separate model and texture files?

Put all file in a zip file, upload the archive, please note that Elementor will block
zip files by default, you need to enable this option (for svg, but applies also to zip):


A simpler solution is to change the zip file extension to mzip, so it will be
handled directly as 3D model format.

An even better solution would be to use our powerful optimized format emb3d,
you can convert your model for free at: https://app.emb3d.com/

How to upload large model files?

You need to increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize in your php.ini,
you may also need to increase the respective option in your webserver,
e.g. if using NGINX client_max_body_size

Đánh giá

9 Tháng Tám, 2023
It's been more than half year since I asked for some enhancement/fix, but nothing happened. The plugin looks good but pretty useless. #1. It does not allow you rotate about horizontal axis, so you can never see the model botton. #2 the rotation event handling is awful. #3 the developer decided not to use parallel perspective, this way the model looks quite deformed when zoom in. I am really hoping they are fixed.
29 Tháng Mười Một, 2022
Very easy to integrate in Elementor, the Premium version offers a lot of supported format.
24 Tháng Mười Một, 2022
The emb3d plugin is awesome! It allows you to view 3d models in a way that is much more immersive than just looking at pictures. You can really get a feel for the scale and size of the model, and how it would look in real life.
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  • Fixed registration check
  • Added background / progress color option for WooCommerce


  • Added Control to disable light on Elementor widget


  • Corrected wrong Netfarm URL


  • Small fixes


  • Fixes, enabled Premium registration


  • Fixes


  • First public release.