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ELFI Addon: Creating showcases for portfolios, posts and products with Elementor

ELFI Addon: Creating showcases for portfolios, posts and products with Elementor

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“ELFI Masonry” is a filterable and gallery showcase addon for the Elementor page builder. With this addon, you can create showcases for portfolios, products, or post items. And set a category-based filter button.

You get two widgets in this ELFI addon. One is Filter Masonry and the other is Gallery Masonry.

Filter masonry will be created based on post type and the category will act as a filter button. On the other hand, gallery masonry will be created from the Elementor editor page. Gallery items can be created using custom images.

Filter Masonry Widget

Filter Masonry is a widget that allows you to create filters based on categories. Suppose you have created a filter for products in the showcase. Now select the category that will be used as the filter button and the products will be displayed category-wise. That is, when a filter button is clicked, that category item will be displayed.

Gallery Masonry Widget

Gallery Masonry is a widget that allows you to create showcases by displaying custom images. It doesn’t depend on the post, you add custom images from the Elementor editor page and create the gallery showcase.

Features of Filter Masonry

Post Type Based: The filter masonry works based on, post type. With this plugin, you can create filters for product filters, blog post filters, portfolio filters, and custom post types.

Two Type Sorting: Filter masonry will have two types of sorting systems.
1) Category: Selecting this will have the option to show category-wise items. Filters will have buttons.

2) Post-type-wise: Selecting this will display all category items under that post. There will be no filter button.

Category Filter: The category filter is to create a showcase with items according to category. In this case, all the posts or items under the category you have chosen will be automatically displayed. Category names will act as filter buttons

Features of Gallery Masonry

Add multiple items: One item at a time can be added to the gallery as often as needed. This means you can add as many image items as you want to a gallery item. You can manage gallery items from the Elementor editor panel. It is not post-type dependent. So you can create an attractive gallery showcase for your site by adding the required items

Add Title and Custom Image: One image can be set for each item. Besides, a title/text can be added for each item. When you click on the zoom icon, you will see the title and associated link with the image.

Add Item Link Hovering over each item will display a link icon. Custom URL can be input in this link button

Popup Elements: Hovering each item will show an icon that will show popup content, here you can insert a popup image, popup video link, popup shortcode content, popup HTML elements

Preview & Buy Link:Two link buttons can be added to each item, maybe a portfolio preview and a buy now button. Or any link you need

Frontend Demo

Portfolio Filter Showcase | Product Filter Showcase | Post Filter Showcase| Custom Post Filter Showcase (Pro) | Post Type Showcase | Galley Masonry Showcase |Infinite Scroll(Pro) |Get Premium | Documentation

Backend Demo

Portfolio Showcase | Product Showcase | Post Showcase| Custom Post Showcase |Post type based Showcase | Galley Showcase |Infinite Scroll


  • Gallery Masonry
  • Filter Masnry (Post Type Based)
  • Portfolio Filter
  • Post Filter
  • Product Filter
  • Allows to change the permalink ‘elfi’ view details
  • Fully responsive design
  • Popup Image
  • 2,3, and 4-column layouts
  • Read more button
  • All browsers supported
  • Well documented

Extra Features for Premium

  • Freestyle plus 10 premium styles allowed
  • Gallery Masonry (10 premium styles allowed)
  • Custom post type Supported
  • 14+ layout animation
  • Popup image
  • Popup video (Youtube/Vimeo, etc) Supported
  • Popup shortcode Supported
  • Popup Raw HTML Supported
  • Popup Embed map/code Supported
  • Popup Icon/Custom icon Supported
  • Popup content with image gallery
  • Infinite Scroll (PAGINATION)
  • 12+ Cool filter Button Style


This plugin does not connect to any third-party applications. It does not collect or store any user information. This is an addon for Elementor Page Builder


Give any suggestions or feedback, thank you for using or trying our plugin. Please let us know about your experience and rate this plugin.

FIlter Masonry

Galley Masonry

Infinite Scroll

Popup Content(Metabox for filter masonry)

Ảnh màn hình

  • Filter Masonry
  • Filter Masonry
  • GalleryMasonry
  • GalleryMasonry

Cài đặt

Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “Elfi Masonry Filter”
Click “Install” and “activate”.

Hỏi đáp

Will it work only on elemntor page builder

yes, it is a plugin elementor addon and It will work only on the Elementor Page Builder Plugin(Free & Both versions) .

Will this addon work on Pro Elementor

Yes, it will work on both the Pro and free elementor versions. Use it to bring colorful moments to your site. And don’t forget to check out our premium features.

Does it work along with other Elementor Addons?

Yes of course. You can use it very well with other elementor addons or extensions

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, this addon will work on all types of WordPress themes.

Will ELFI Addons break my site after an update?

No, it will not break your site or any page where you have used our plugin. We have tried our best to make you happy. But we always recommend backing up your site before updating our plugins.

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You can only use the elfi cpt, if you want anything else… pay.
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  • Compatibility update


  • Add WooCommerce Product Support


  • Add Galley Masonry addon


  • Display items with categories or without categories


  • Allows changing the permalink ‘elfi’, option has been added


  • fixing filterable Issues
    = 1.0.4=
  • Live chat support.


  • Update feature.


  • features added.


  • features added.


  • plugin published.