WooCommerce UPS eCommerce Shipping Dashboard Integration

Mô tả

Connect your WooCommerce Store to all the UPS Services you require and manage your orders, shipments and labels in your Shipping Dashboard.

Manage your own Shipping Rates within Woocommerce and synchronize orders, create labels in bulk, create return labels in bulk, use paperless invoices and more to reduce your time spent shipping and increase your time spent growing your business. Synchronize all your channels, warehouses, inventory and create workflows with powerful features like split order, package size matching and much more.

Get 24/7 E-mail Support at ecommerce.help and Chat support at eCommerce Shipping Dashboard

  • Connect to the UPS services you use or want to use without building APIs.

  • Sync orders, print labels, bulk print labels, shipping tracking & more.

  • Sync channels, inventory and create powerful workflows.

  • Split/combine order functionality and package size matching.

  • Set up shipment and sender defaults to save time.

Cài đặt

  • Open a Browser Tab and Register or Login to https://ups.dashboardlink.com
  • Open another Tab in the same Browser and login to your WordPress/WooCommerce Admin Backend
  • Install the plugin as any other WordPress plugin
  • Activate the Plugin
  • Navigate to Woocommerce -> UPS eCommerce Shipping Dashboard
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Connect
  • You should end up on https://ups.dashboardlink.com with your Store connected.

If this does not work please get E-mail Support at ecommerce.help and Chat support at eCommerce Shipping Dashboard

Hỏi đáp

Where can I find support if I encounter difficulties with onboarding or creating labels in the Dashboard?

You can receive email support at ecommerce.help and chat support at eCommerce Shipping Dashboard

Do I have to pay for the Dashboard?

No, the Dashboard is completely free. You will only be charged for the labels that you actually use.

Is a UPS Account required?

Yes, a valid UPS Account is necessary. You can create a UPS Profile on https://ups.com

Can I create labels within the Plugin?

Labels are created exclusively within the Dashboard at ups.dashboardlink.com. A explainer video is also available at How to create a Shipping Label

Can I use UPS Paperless Invoice with this solution ?

Yes, the eCommerce Shipping Dashboard supports UPS Paperless Invoice if your UPS Account is set up for it.

Can I add multiple UPS Accounts with this plugin and the Dashboard?

Yes, you can add as many UPS Account Numbers as you need. You can set them on https://ups.dashboardlink.com/user/profile#upsAccount. A explainer video is also available at Add multipe UPS Accounts

Does the plugin and the Dashboard automatically create labels?

Yes, this is also possible. You can add as many Addresses as you require.

Does the plugin and the Dashboard automatically creates labels

The Dashboard provides a Rules mechanism that supports increased automation for the label creation workflow. A explainer video is also available at Rules Mapping

What other features does the Dashboard provide?

Please take a look at the constantly updated YouTube channel for new and helpful features.

Does this plugin support UPS Live Rates or UPS Access Points?

This plugin serves as the foundation for the eCommerce Shipping Dashboard by UPS. Support for Live Rates and UPS Access Points will be added as addons in future versions of the plugin.

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