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Maras IT Suite : Core Configuration

Mô tả

The Suite is a set of tools and configuration from MarasIT your End to End WordPress Agency.
Core Configuration is the basement of all others which activate a default set of WordPress settings.

– iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
– W3 Total Cache
– WP-Optimize – Clean
– Compress
– Cache
– Timber
– CMB2
– Activate Namespace In Themes (by Maras IT)
– Activate Namespace In Plugin (by Maras IT)
– Development Environement Suite (by Maras IT)

define(\’FS_METHOD\’, \’direct\’);
define(\’DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT\’, true );
define(\’DVK_DEBUG\’, false);
define(\’WP_DEBUG\’, false);
define(\’FORCE_SSL_LOGIN\’, true);
define(\’FORCE_SSL_ADMIN\’, true);
define(\’FORCE_SSL\’, true);
define(\’CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS\’, true);
define(\’COMPRESS_SCRIPTS\’, true);
define(\’COMPRESS_CSS\’, true);
define(\’ENFORCE_GZIP\’, true);
define(\’FS_CHMOD_DIR\’, ( 0755 & ~ umask() ) );
define(\’FS_CHMOD_FILE\’, ( 0644 & ~ umask() ) );
define(\’WP_MEMORY_LIMIT\’, \’512M\’);

// debug
define(\’WP_DEBUG_LOG\’, true);
define(\’WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY\’, false);
define(\’SCRIPT_DEBUG\’, true );
define(\’SAVEQUERIES\’, true );

\DvkConf namespace allow you to acces the wp-content/plugins/dvk-conf directory with namespace use instead of require_once or variations

by adding :use DvkConf\\Utils\\Debug; you can dump your test with Debug::dump($your_variable) which will use var_dump or VarDumper for Symfony depending on your configuration.
by adding use DvkConf\\Utils\\Functions; you can \”override\” a parent theme function with this syntax : Functions::f($my_prefix.\'wp_header\')();
To use this feature, you will need to create a function wp_header()\' which will contain the code to replace the original functionwp_header().
In case your function do not exists
wp_header()will be executed.
In case
wp_header()do not exists aOoops` dump will show in place of the function

Cài đặt

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the directory dvk-conf to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress

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