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D7SMS for Woocommerce

Mô tả

D7 SMS integration with Woocommerce creates an efficient communication channel between you and your customers.
This integration helps to easily reach your customers via SMS from within your Woocommerce account.
SMS is the most effective form of communication, with a 98 percent open and read rate.

What we Offer:
Automated notifications are customizable via settings page, giving a personal touch to messages by adding order details, name and other details respective to order status.
SMS delivery can be configured to customers as well as to store owner for all the updates on orders using automatic method and also direct communication via text message from Woocommerce panel.
24*7 free support including unlimited technical support.
Own connectivity to global mobile network operators
Market beating price with no compromise on quality of service.

About us:
Direct7 Networks provides highly reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to businesses across all industries.
D7 is the result of dedication and continuous experimentation by a group of IT Engineers in the telecommunication service sector, specialising in providing worldwide SMS transmission using D7’s own connectivity to global mobile network operators.

Watch How You Can use D7SMS for Woocommerce

Ảnh màn hình

  • Configuration of D7SMS – 1.
  • Configuration of D7SMS – 2.
  • screenshot-3.png – Updating SMS templates – 1
  • screenshot-4.png – Updating SMS templates – 2
  • screenshot-5.png – SMS Reports and logs – 1
  • screenshot-6.png – Send SMS directly to customer – 2

Cài đặt

Getting Started:
Install extension on your Woocommerce store.
Signup at and collect API details from profiles section.
Open extension settings on woocommerce and update API username, API password and Admin phone number.

Installation of D7SMS:
Download the .zip file from the source.
Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
Install Now and Activate the extension.

Setup and Configuration:

To set up your store with D7SMS:
Go to: D7SMS > SMS Notifications > General Settings.
Tick the checkbox to Enable.
Update API Username and API Password (Visit for API details).
Update SenderID if you additionally purchased one. Else keep it as SMSInfo.
Add Administrator Phone number. (Use international format with “+” prefix. Example: +971562316XXX )
Select SMS Notification preferences for “Customer” as well as “Admin”
Save Changes

To Setup Templates for SMS:
Go to: D7SMS > SMS Notifications > SMS Settings.
Update each template as required.
Save Changes

Once the extension is enabled and configured sms will be triggered for all the selected order status changes.
Go to: Woocommerce > Orders > Select an order
On the right side of the page, under “Order Notes” you can see all the sms generated with content and status.
Also you can directly send sms to customer from “SMS Notification” option available on top right side of order page.

Hỏi đáp

Double check and confirm API Username and API Password are correct
Enable logging and look in your PHP error log for error messages to pinpoint the source of the problem.
Send a test message from Orders > (Add a test order for yourself) > SMS Notification > Text customer
If the test message is unsuccessful please contact or visit

Support and Help:
For all the support requests and general queries you can contact or visit
Also you can avail the live chat available our website or you can text via whatsapp at +971566816452

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