Countdown and CountUp, WooCommerce Sales Timer

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With WordPress Countdown and CountUp, WooCommerce Sales Timer plugin you can easily create any timer you need. There are a lot of new features that you will like. We added Popup and some other important things for our extended version.
There are also nice and handy themes that you can use.

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The Extended version has a lot of useful features, here are some of those features.

Features of Free version

  • Fully Responsive
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Ability to use handy calendar with hours and minutes
  • Ability to set Time Zone
  • Ability to create unlimited Countdowns
  • Ability to put unlimited Countdowns on the same page
  • Ability to use on pages/posts and widgets
  • Ability to set the width and metrical type of width(px or %)
  • Ability to use a translation file
  • Ability to type the text you prefer in the day, hour, minute and second fields
  • Ability to select the action after time expired
  • Ability to show message after the time expires
  • Ability to set elements(fields) width and distance between each other
  • Ability to set the font size
  • Ability to type the distance from top/bottom
  • Ability to set Time(numbers) fields border width and radius
  • Ability to set Time text fields border width and radius
  • User-friendly back-end
  • Tested on popular WordPress themes

You can upgrade the plugin to Countdown Extended Pro to add some features.

The features of Pro version

  • Ability to use Repeating (Loop) feature
  • Ability to use Redirect feature
  • Ability to use it in Popup
  • Ability to use 6+ Nice Themes
  • Ability to remove or add any of available time fields(Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
  • Ability to use with “Circle” buttons
  • Ability to use with “Vertical Slider” buttons
  • Ability to choose the text color and background color
  • Ability to type the size
  • Ability to type the border width and radius
  • Ability to type the text font-size and select the Font family
  • Ability to display elements inline
  • 37 awesome animation effects
  • Ability to set animation for each element or for group
  • Ability to add Count-Up
  • Premium Support

If you found any bug in our plugin or have a question contact us using the support forum.

Our plugin has a lot of nice and unique features that you will like. You can add Repeating Timers, Popups, CountUps and much more. Also, our plugin integrated with WooCommerce, so you can use it on WooCommerce websites.

For adding timers you need to do some simple steps. First of all, go to your WordPress website administration panel and find from the left side menu our plugin. Open our plugin page and click on the “Add New” button.
First of all, type the title and then configure other settings. Choose the type. There are 4 main types – single and personal timer, single and personal count-up. The second field is the “End Date”(for count-up, there is also another field “Start Date”). and the last one is the Time Zone option. It is a great option and we advise to use it.
From the second tab of this page, you can configure the action after the time ends. There are 4 options, first one will just hide the timer, second will show text. Also, there are other two options – repeat and redirect. Most users use the last two options.
From the last tab, you will find an option “Before Count up start”. After you configure all settings, just click on the save button.

Then go to the themes page. You will see 4 tabs on the themes page. The first one is the “General Settings”, the other 3 are the Standard, Vertical and Circle timers settings tabs.
From the general settings choose the design type(as we mentioned Standard, Vertical or Circle type). Then choose the width metrical type(px/%) and after that type the width value.
The next option allows users to choose fields for displaying. You can hide or display any field you need. Available fields are Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
The last option of this tab allows to change texts and configure translations.

Options that are available for the Standard type are:

  • Elements(fields) width
  • Distance between elements
  • Numbers fields background color
  • Text fields background color
  • Numbers font size
  • Text font size
  • Numbers color
  • Text color
  • Numbers font family
  • Text font family
  • Numbers padding
  • Text padding
  • Numbers margin
  • Text margin
  • Numbers fields border width
  • Text fields border width
  • Numbers fields border radius
  • Text fields border radius
  • Numbers fields border color
  • Text fields border color
  • Display elements in-line
  • Set animation for each element or for group
  • Animation Effect

Options that are available for the Vertical type are:

  • Numbers font size
  • Distance between elements
  • Numbers font family
  • Numbers color
  • Numbers fields background color
  • Numbers fields border width
  • Numbers fields border color
  • Text fields background color
  • Text font size
  • Text color
  • Text font family
  • Text padding
  • Text margin
  • Text fields border width
  • Text fields border radius
  • Text fields border color
  • Display elements in-line
  • Animation type(elements or group)
  • Animation Effect

Options that are available for the Circle type are:

  • Circle width(or height)
  • Distance between elements
  • Circle background color
  • Circle background opacity
  • Fixed border color
  • Rotating border color
  • Circle border width
  • Border radius of circle border ends
  • Which direction should the circle border rotate
  • Numbers font size
  • Text font size
  • Numbers color
  • Text color
  • Numbers font family
  • Text font family
  • Numbers margin
  • Text padding
  • Text margin
  • Elements display type
  • Set animation for each element or for group
  • Animation Effects

After adding the theme, save it. Now you can insert the timer anywhere you need, even you can use it in the Popup window.

Integrated with WooCommerce

Our plugin integrated with WooCommerce, so you can easily add it to your product pages. First of all, configure it from the WooCommerce general settings page and set some general options.
After that, you can insert timers from the product page(from the right side).

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  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Back-end
  • Back-end
  • Back-end


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • WpDevArt Countdown extendeds

Cài đặt

First you need to download the plugin ZIP file.

  1. Log in to your admin panel.
  2. Go to Plugins page, click on Add New, then click “Upload Plugin” .
  3. Then click “Choose file” then select the plugin .zip file.
  4. Then install and activate the plugin.

Hỏi đáp

Our plugin is user friendly, but here you can view some frequently asked questions that can help you.

What files I need to upload for installing the plugin

You need to select the .zip file, there is no need to extract the zip file, just upload it.

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3 Tháng Hai, 2022
Posted my question in the forum and resolved a few hours later by the support team. Clear and above all fast email communication during and afterwards. Wow, really wow. Thanks guys! Definitely worth a 5 stars!
22 Tháng Chín, 2020
The support request was answered within a few hours and the bug was quickly fixed.
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  • Initial version.


  • Added new features


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  • Added CountUp feature.


  • Fixed some notices.


  • Added comments for developers.


  • Integrated the new Gutenberg editing experience


  • Added translation file


  • Added comments for developers.


  • Fixed issue with classic editor.


  • Changed featured plugin icon and title.


  • Fixed widget notice.


  • Changed plugin admin panel style.


  • Added new plugin in the featured plugins list.


  • Integrated with WooCommerce.


  • Added position option(left, center, right).


  • Added Support button on admin pages.


  • Added new translation language.


  • Fixed language file bug.


  • Added new features for recurring countdown.


  • Added support URL in admin panel.


  • Changed redirect option status.


  • Added new feature.


  • Added new translation language.


  • Added new language files.


  • Added new languages.


  • Added new languages.


  • Added new language – cs_CZ.


  • Added plugin icon.


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  • Added Irish translation.


  • Added Belorussian translation.


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  • New plugin added to the list from the admin menu.


  • Vertical menu added to the featured plugins list.


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  • Security bug fixed.


  • Security bug fixed.


  • New language added.


  • New language added.


  • New language added – Basque.


  • New language added.


  • New language added.


  • New language added – Frisian.


  • New language added – Afrikaans.


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