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Adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages and custom posts to WordPress – much like the view often found in a page-focused CMS.

Also check out OrganizeWP if your goal is to incorporate multiple content types into a single view!

Within this tree you can edit pages, view pages, add pages, search pages, and drag and drop pages to rearrange the order.

CMS Tree Page View is a good alternative to plugins such as pageMash, WordPress Page Tree and My Page Order. For multiple content types and other new features check out OrganizeWP as well.

Page management in WordPress won’t get any easier than this!

Features and highlights:

  • View your pages & posts in a tree-view, like you view files in Windows Explorer or the Finder in OS X
  • Drag and drop to rearrange/order your pages
  • Add pages after or inside a page
  • Add multiple pages at once – perfect for setting up a new site structure
  • Edit pages
  • View pages
  • Search pages
  • Available for both regular pages and custom posts
  • Works with both hierarchical and non-hierarchical post types
  • View your site hierarchy directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • Drag and drop between trees with different post types to change to post type of the draged item, i.e. change a regular page to became any custom post type
  • Support for translation plugin WPML, so you can manage all the languages of your site

Show your pages on your site in the same order as they are in CMS Tree Page View

To show your pages on your website in the same order as they appear in this plugin, you must
sort them by “menu order”.

// Example using query_posts
$args = array(
  'post_type' => 'page',
  'orderby'=> 'menu_order',
$posts = query_posts($args);

// Example using wp_query
$args = array(
    'post_type' => 'page',
    'orderby' => 'menu_order',
    'order' => 'ASC',
$query = new WP_Query( $args );


(An updated screencast is coming soon!)

Watch this screencast to see how easy you could be managing your pages:


This plugin is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Belorussian
  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Greek
  • Danish
  • Lithuanian
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • Japanese
  • Ukrainian, by
  • Slovak

Always show your pages in the admin area

If you want to always have a list of your pages available in your WordPress admin area, please check out the plugin
Admin Menu Tree Page View.

Donation and more plugins

  • Check out my other plugin Simple History if you want to see a log of changes in your WordPress admin. With Simple History you can see login attempts (both failed and sucessful), page changes, plugin updated, and more. It’s a great way to view user actions on your site!
  • If you like this plugin don’t forget to donate to support further development.

Ảnh màn hình

  • The page tree in action
  • Edit, view and even add multiple pages at once!
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange/change the order of the pages.

Cài đặt

  1. Upload the folder “cms-tree-page-view” to “/wp-content/plugins/”
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Done!

Now the tree with the pages will be visible both on the dashboard and in the menu under pages.

Đánh giá

CMS Tree Page View is straightforward, very useful and well-maintained. Everything that open source should be. WordPress owes its success to developers like Jon Christopher and Pär Thernström who create powerful, truly open source solutions like CMS Tree Page View and Simple History and share them for free, without huge advertising banners or interruption marketing with unnecessary admin notifications. We are proud to modestly sponsor Simple History and Pär. We sponsored Jon Christopher enough with his SearchWP plugin which practices discriminatory pricing against existing users (much higher renewal prices than purchase prices) which is the antithesis of the open source spirit.
2 Tháng Mười Hai, 2022
The default Pages display in WP admin is not great. It’s super hard to find pages that I or other staff have worked on recently because it won’t let you sort by most recently modified and then save that as your default. And when you search, it looks not only at the page titles but also the content… so often you end up with too many results and you’re still not able to find that page you need. Tree View is great because it shows me all the pages of my site organized on one page with easy to understand indentation showing parent/child relationships. It’s very intuitive. And best of all, the search function works beautifully on the page titles by default, highlighting them and even expanding any that are hidden so you can quickly see them. Highly recommend this plugin if you’ve found the default pages difficult to use like me.
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Những người đóng góp

“CMS Tree Page View” đã được dịch qua 15 ngôn ngữ. Cảm ơn những người tham gia dịch vì đóng góp của họ.

Dịch “CMS Tree Page View” sang ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Muốn tham gia phát triển?

Duyệt code, check out SVN repository, hoặc theo dõi nhật ký phát triển qua RSS.

Nhật ký thay đổi

1.6.8 (April 2023)

Refactor of changes made in 1.6.7 security release

1.6.7 (April 2023)

Security update, fixes RXSS vulnerability.

1.6.6 (May 2022)

WordPress 6.0 compatibility
Adds link to Edit in Elementor.

1.6.5 (May 2022)

PHP8 compatibility update. Props @cjhaas.

1.6.4 (December 2020)

Please create Issues for any jQuery deprecations (or other issues) you come across!

  • Fixes regression introduced in 1.6.2 that prevented dragging/dropping in the updated version of jQuery.

1.6.3 (December 2020)

  • Fixes regression introduced in 1.6.2 that prevented expanding parents in the updated version of jQuery.

1.6.2 (December 2020)

  • Fixes a number of jQuery deprecations

1.6.1 (July 2020)

CMS Tree Page View has been adopted by Jon Christopher! Please read the announcement post for more information and ways to provide feedback.

  • Tested with WordPress 5.4.
  • Tested with upcoming jQuery changes in WordPress core.
  • Updated banner images
  • Updated screenshots
  • Removed deprecated function call to screen_icon().

1.6 (January 2018)

  • Remove deprecated PHP function create_function().
  • Remove deprecated WordPress function get_screen_icon().

1.5 (January 2018)

  • Remove unused function cms_tpv_add_page().
  • Add nonce check when moving page.

1.4 (October 2017)

  • Check that a user is allowed to edit pages/posts when making AJAX call, making sure users with subscribers role can’t move pages.

1.3.4 (June 2016)

  • Update Finnish translation files. Thanks translator!

1.3.3 (March 2016)

  • Fix an error with WPML. Fixes
  • Fix an error with a filter. Fixes

1.3.2 (March 2016)

  • Make the page tree use less memory. Should work ok with very large amount of pages now.


  • A problem with WP Super Cache should be fixed. Fixes and probably some more support threads.


  • Languages should be loaded from, if available there.
  • Removed German translation, because it’s loaded from


  • Fix assignement by reference standards violation. Thanks johnny-bit for the fix.
    Fixes and
    and possible more.
  • Remove donate-box from dashboard, because it was highly annoying and looked terrible there.


  • Fix conflicts with Formidable Forms. Fixes Thanks for the pull request.
  • Maybe fix a URL path problem some had with HTTPS. Please let me know if you had problems over HTTPS and if this update solved it. Thanks!
  • Make donate blah-blah-nag-thingie perhaps and hopefully a little bit less annoying.


  • Fix for possible XSS attack.


  • Fixed so existing pages/posts keep their original author and last modified time. Thanks Heikki Paananen for finding and fixing this.


  • Updated German translation. Thank you translator!


  • Added Slovak translation. Thank you translator!



  • Add new filter “cms_tree_page_view_post_title”. Use this filter to change to title being used to build the tree.


  • Roll back the feature with permissions to move pages. Too many people had problems with it.


  • Just a version bump because did not show version 1.2.24.


  • Fix problems with users not getting permissions to move pages.


  • Now only users with permission may move pages and custom posts and publish new posts. By default administrator and editors have these rights. Is checked using capability “move_cms_tree_view_page”, so add that to any user you want to allow this for. Props mateuszdw, who made the very first pull request for this plugin! Thanks a lot!


  • Fixed top links being squashed in dashboard. Fixes Props tim.wakeling.
  • Fixed: Now prevents long titles from overflowing the dashboard widget area. Prop tim.wakeling.


  • Fixed incompatibility issue with plugin Advanced Custom Fields.


  • Removed part of a comment beacuse it mentionened a file on another domain and therefore violated the repository guidelines. Also moved some sprites in CSS from loading external to loading internal.


  • Added action “cms_tree_page_view_node_move_finish” that is called after a page is moved with drag and drop. Useful to for example clear caches.


  • Added Japanese translation


  • Removed references to, and files for, FirePHP, since it was not used anyway.


  • Just a version bump to make see my changes…


  • Fixed a PHP shortcode.
  • Fixed arguments passed to filter get_pages.


  • Now the tree view is enabled by default for hiearchical post types. Should make it easier for new users to get started.
  • Removed some annoying calls to console.log().
  • Fixed bulk edit and quick edit not working for posts. Fixes
  • Fixed error with removed users. Fixes
  • Order now also includes post_title instead of just menu_order. Fixes
  • Updated norwegian translation.


  • Added Serbo-Croatian translation by Andrijana Nikolic from webhostinggeeks


  • Fixed search not working
  • Fix height of clear search icon


  • Updated german translation
  • Updated POT file for translators


  • New fix for wp-Typography. Thanks to eceleste for digging into the problem and fixing it.


  • Fixed an incompatibility with wp-Typography ( Fixes


  • Fix for post types with dashes in them. Fixes


  • Fix some notice errors/warning. Props damienwhaley. Fixes


  • Fixed loading CSS over HTTPS.
  • Fixed some styling issues in IE 8.


  • Fixed some notice warnings
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Fixed a security issue. Thanks to Julio POTIER ( for finding and reporting.
  • Added nonce checks for options page and for adding new pages


  • Small design changes for the icons in the post overview screen
  • Added actions to check permissions when adding pages with AJAX


  • Removed an ugly pixel in the tree icon
  • Minor CSS changes to tree icon
  • Updated French translation


  • Hide “inside” link if post type is draft, since you can’t create new post inside a page with status draft (limitation/bug with WordPress)
  • Added actions so other developers or plugins can control what pages/posts that are editiable and so on. Added filters are: cms_tree_page_view_post_can_edit, cms_tree_page_view_post_user_can_add_inside, cms_tree_page_view_post_user_can_add_after


  • Fixed wrong count if WPML where activated and future or private posts existed for a language
  • Show info message if no posts found after fetching posts with AJAX
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Updated Russian translation – hopefully it works this time!
  • Updated POT file
  • Minor language fixes, like actually loading plugin textdomain before using any texts…


  • Added option to show the tree in the regular post overview screen. Makes the tree view fit into the regular workflow and GUI much better. To enable: go to settings > CMS Tree Page View > Tick the option “On post overview screen”. Then go to for example the pages overview screen and in the upper right corner there will be an icon to switch between the regular list view and the tree view of this plugin.
  • Fixed so search button now looks more like the rest of the WordPress GUI
  • Fixed a undefined index warning
  • Fixed wrong language count for WPML-enabled post types
  • Perhaps fixed a problem with some other plugins, for example Formidable Pro
  • Added icon to settings page
  • Added updated Russian translation
  • Updated POT-file for translators


  • Added “Add new”-link next to headline, to better match the regular post overview page + it makes it possible to add new pages/posts when there are no pages/posts added (previously there needed to be at least one post added to be able to add new posts)
  • Added post count in parenthesis after each post status. Also makes the page match the regular post overview page a it more. Works for both built in post types and custom post types + if WPML is installed it will show post count for each language too.
  • Fixed a bug with sortables (well, I kinda forgot to load that script at all!) that made the plugin only work on the dashboard.
  • Fixed some IE-bugs


  • New: create multiple pages at once! Add multiple pages faster than ever before! You can even select if the new pages should be drafts or published. And ever drag and drop the pages to get the correct order even before adding them. I know – it’s awesome!
  • Fixed: adds new pages with the correct and selected WPML-language
  • Added: you can now change the type of a post by draging the post between different trees on the dashboard. So if you have one custom post type called “Cars” and another called “Bicycles” you can now drag a page from the cars tree to the bicicyles tree and the post will converted to that post type. Pretty powerful feature that you used to need a separately plugin to be able to do.
  • Misc fixes
  • Added new POT-file for translators
  • I decided to call this version 1. I’ve been using this plugin for so long time now and I use it in almost every WordPress project I participate in (all projects with lots of pages), so with this new add-mulitple-page-feature it feels like it’s time to go to version 1. Hope you’ll agree! 🙂


  • Fixed popup closing to fast on Firefox.
  • Enable menu item setting by default for hierarchical post types during first install. It was confusing when it was enabled for pages but not for other post types. Consistency!
  • Added link to settings page to plugin listing.
  • Fixed: WPML-stuff now also works on custom post types


  • Fixed position of action div. Now it’s always to the right of the page name.
  • Fixed so action div never is below the fold of the browser. Instead it’s moved up until it’s visible.
  • Fixed problem related to hoverIntent and mouseover and drag and drop. There was just to many wierd things going on so I switched to my own solution instead. Let me know if it works ok for you too now again!


  • Only output scripts and styles on pages that the plugin uses. This should speed up other parts of the WordPress admin a little tiny itsy bitsy bit.
  • Added a hopefully not to spammy box about donation and stuff. Hopefully it it encourages some of you to give it a good review or maybe even donate some money. I’ve spent a lot, lot, LOT of time developing this plugin you know 😉
  • Changed title on dashboard widgets and changed name of the menu item under each supported post type. Makes the titles/names look/feel a bit less dorky.
  • Show icons next to the headline of top of pages with the tree
  • Minor CSS changes like a little bit bigger text on the pages and a bit more spacing between each page. Makes a bit easier to drag and drop/move them around.
  • Changed javascript to to use on() istead on live()
  • Removed hoverIntent since that is included in WordPress by default
  • Started using hoverIndent to make the popup with page actions show after a short while for each page. This also means that you can move outside the actions-pop-up for a short while without the pop up being closed – a thing that annoyed me very much. This makes the whole popup actions div thingie feels less in-your-face all the time. Hope you like it as much as I do!


  • Added Estonian translation


  • Updated Lithuanian language


  • Fix for forever loading tree
  • No plus-sign on nodes that has no children


  • Changed the way to find the plugin url. Hopefully works better now. Thanks for the patch.


  • Updated Polish translation, including .mo-file


  • Added Belarusian translation. thanks Web Geek Science  (Web Hosting Geeks)
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability as described here:


  • Fix for tree not remembering state
  • Fix for tree not opening on first click


  • Updated German translation
  • Fixed PHP notice messages
  • Updated swedish translation
  • Changed the way scripts and styles load, so it won’t add scripts and styles to pages it shouldn’t add scripts and styles to


  • Ops, forgot the .mo-file for the Danish translation. Hopefully I did it correct this time…


  • Added Danish translation


  • Hopefully fixed so scripts and styles can be loaded over https, if WP is accessed over https.


  • Added Lithuanian translation by Thank you!


  • Celebrating more than 100.000 downloads and as a gift to you, the user of this plugin, I have removed the “Support the author”-text from the right column. No more nagging! Donations are still welcome though…


  • Polish translation added.


  • Added: You can now show the tree for regular posts. Appearently there are som plugins that use the hierarchy on posts.
  • Fixed: The capability required to show the tree for a post type should now be correct. Previously it was hard-coded to “edit_pages”. Thanks to Kevin Behrens, author of plugin Role Scoper, for solving this.


  • Changed caller_get_posts (deprecated since 3.1) to ignore_sticky_posts
  • Norwegian translation added by Eigil Moe (


  • Greek translation added by Mihalis Papanousis (
  • Hopefully fixed some more problems with columns


  • Second try: Hopefully fixed the problem that moving a page resulted in WPML losing the connection between the languages
  • Hungarian translation added
  • Small CSS fixes
  • Fixed compatiblity issue with ALO EasyMail Newsletter


  • Removed cookie.js
  • Updated jstree
  • If Keyboard Shortcuts was enabled for a user, title and content of a post could not be edited.
  • Drag and drop is now a bit more accurate and less “jerky”
  • Hopefully fixed the problem that moving a page resulted in WPML losing the connection between the languages
  • Dutch translation added
  • Hebrew translation added
  • Updated POT-file. Translators may want to check for added or updated words and sentences.
  • Fixed a notice-message


  • Fix for wpml-languages with “-” in them, like chinese simplified or chinese traditional.
  • Fixed some problems with columns and utf-encoding
  • Moved adding page to a box above the tree, so you won’t get the feeling that the tree has been deleted when you add a page.


  • Czech translation added
  • Italian translation added, by Andrea Bersi (
  • require(dirname(FILE).”/functions.php”); instead of just require(“functions.php”);. Should fix problems with for example BackWPup.


  • Added links to PayPal and Flattr, so users who like the plugin can donate.


  • Upgraded jstree to rc2. This fixes the problems with drag & drop and mouse over that occured in WordPress 3.1 beta.


  • Readme-fix…


  • If a post has a custom post status, that status will be shown instead of “undefined”. So now CMS Tree Page View works better together with plugins like “Edit flow”.


  • CSS images loaded from google via https instead of http. Does this solve the problems you guys with https-sites had?
  • Users of IE could not add pages at the right place. All pages where added at the top instead of after or inside another page. Only tested in IE 8, please let me know of the other version..


  • changed so some icons are loaded from instead of Google Code. Google Code was a bit slow.


  • Something went wrong with last update at, people got 404-error when trying to download plugin. Let’s see if this update helps..


  • Added Portuguese translation by Ricardo Tomasi. Thank you!
  • Celebration Edition: over 25.000 downloads of this plugin at!


  • You can now view items in the trash. A bit closer to a complete take over of the pages-page 🙂


  • fixed some notice-errors and switched some deprecated functions
  • updated swedish translation
  • fixed some strings that where untranslatable and updated POT-file (if I missed any, please let me know)
  • no longer allowed to add sub pages to a page with status draft, because if you edit the page and save it, wordpress will forget about the parent (and you will get confused)
  • started using hoverIntent for popup instead of regular mouseover, so the popups won’t feel so aggressive – or no.. reverted this 🙁
  • when adding a page a text comes up so you know that something is going on
  • possible fix for magic fields and other plugins that deal with post columns


  • Updated POT-file, so translators may wan’t to check their translations.
  • Added Spanish translation by Carlos Janini. Thank you!


  • a page can now be moved above a page with the same menu order. moved page will get the menu order of the page that it’s moved aboved, and the other page will get a menu order of previous menu order + 1. i think/hope this is finally solved now!
  • using wp_update_post when moving pages (instead of sql directly). this should make this plugin work better with some cache plugins, for example DB Cache Reloaded
  • root of tree is added initially, without the need to run an ajax query. loading the root of the tree = super fast! child nodes that are not previosly open are still loaded with ajax, because I want to be sure that the plugin does not hang if there is a page with super-mega-lots of children.


  • pages that the user is not allowed to edit now get “dimmed”. they will still be visible becuase a page a user is not allowed to edit, may have a child-page that they are allowed to edit, so the sub-pages must still be accessible
  • some problems with Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu fixed (tree showed posts instead of pages)


  • quick fix: capability edit_pages required to view the tree menu, instead of editor (which led to administrators not being able to view the tree…)


  • added comment count to pop up
  • added support for custom columns in pop up = now you have the same information available in CMS Tree Vage View as in the normal page/post edit screen
  • fixed some colors to better match wordpress own style
  • editor capability required to view tree. previosly only administators chould see the tree in the menu, while everyone could view the tree on the dashboard.
  • no more infinite loops with role scoper installed
  • tested on WordPress Multisite


  • tree is activated for pages during install, so the user does not need to set up anything during first run


  • Was released only as a public beta together with, to test the wpml-integration
  • Now supports custom post types.
  • Now compatible with WPML Multilangual CMS (
  • Uses WordPress own functions at some more places.
  • When searching and no posts found you now get a message so you know that there were no matches.
  • German translation added, by Thomas Dullnig ( Thank you!
  • Lots of code rewritten for this update of CMS Tree Page View, so please let me know if it works or if I broke something!


  • Forgot to close a p-tag correctly. Now it should validate again!
  • Fixed a problem where move could seem to not work when trying to move pages when several pages had the same menu_order, so they where sorted by alpha instead.
  • fixed a problem with qtranslate that resulted in endless “loading tree…”
  • the thank you/need help/please donate-box is re-enabled upon upgrade/re-activation of the plugin. Just so you won’t forget that you can donate! 🙂


  • updated french translation
  • new box for mouse-over/pop-up – please let me know what you think about it
  • new box: it’s bigger so it’s less likely that you slide out of it with your mouse (happend to me all the time! very annoying…) .
  • new box: more information can be fitted there. let me know if there is any information you would like to see in the popup (right now it will show you the last modified date + the id of the page)
  • new box: edit and view links are real links now, so you can edit or view pages in for example a new tab
  • new box: oh.. and it’s much better looking! 🙂


  • jquery.cookie.js renamed to jquery.biscuit.js to fix problems with apache module mod_security. let me know if it actually works! 🙂
  • updated .pot-file, so translators out there may want to check if everything is up to date


  • password protected posts now show a lock icon (thanks to Seebz for contributing)


  • ok, now the texts should be translated. for real! thanks for the bug report!


  • when mouse over the litte arrow the cursor is now a hand again. it just feels a little bit better that way.
  • some texts where not translated due to wp_localize_script being called before load_plugin_textdomain. thanks for reporting this.


  • link to “add new page” when there were no pages now work
  • changed native js prompt to (mostly because you can use your other browser tabs while the dialog/prompt is open)
  • added a thank-you-please-donate-box. please do what it says! 🙂
  • started using menu_page_url instead of hard-coding path to plugin
  • now requires WordPress 3


  • you could get an error if used together with the “Simple Fields” WordPress plugin (yes, I used the same function name in both plugin! Fool me twice, shame on me.)


  • forgot to add styles to svn


  • Uses wp_localize_script to translate script. Previous method could lead to 404-error, although the file did exist.
  • More valid output
  • jsTree upgraded to 1.0rc
  • Code rewritten for upgraded jsTree
  • Added a “clear search”-button to the search box
  • Dashboard widget added again! Hooray!
  • Requires WordPress 3 because of jquery 1.4.2. If you are using WP 2.x you can try version 0.4.9 instead:


  • added French translation by Bertrand Andres


  • added russian translation by Alexufo (
  • fixed a link that didn’t change color on mouse over


  • remove some code that did not belong…
  • does not show auto-draft-posts in wp3


  • could get database error because post_content had no default value
  • removed usage of console.log and one alert. ouch!
  • when adding page inside, several posts could get menu_order = 0, which led to sorting problems


  • added Belorussian translation by Marcis G.
  • settings page did not check checkboxes by default
  • tree removed from dashboard due some problems with event bubbling (will be re-added later when problem is fixed)


  • translation now works in javascript (forgot to use load_plugin_textdomain)
  • added swedish translation by Måns Jonasson


  • forgot the domain for _e at some places


  • added .pot-file


  • more prepare for translation
  • fixed some <? into <?php


  • uses strict json (fix for jquery 1.4)
  • pages with no title now show “untitled” instead of just disappearing
  • uses get_the_title instead of getting the title direct from the db, making plugins such as qtranslate work
  • preparing for translation, using __ and _e


  • all | public: works on the dasboard
  • all | public: are now loaded using ajax. no more reloads!
  • added options page so you can choose where to show the tree (i.e. the dasboard or under “pages”…or both, of course!). only available for admins.
  • capability “edit_pages” required to view the tree


  • Possible fix for Fluency Admin


  • First public version.