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ChinaDS – Tmall-Taobao Dropshipping for WooCommerce

ChinaDS – Tmall-Taobao Dropshipping for WooCommerce

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Why should you choose Tmall – Taobao Dropshipping?

You may be familiar with dropshipping or have explored the idea of dropshipping with AliExpress. If you’re searching for a more cost-effective marketplace to supply products for your store, consider Tmall – Taobao dropshipping, often referred to as the “Chinese eBay.” Tmall – Taobao dropshipping is a renowned e-commerce platform, recognized as China’s largest online shopping destination.

Tmall and Taobao?

Tmall and Taobao boast a vast catalog of over one billion products, attracting millions of daily shoppers. Taobao and Tmall are both prominent online shopping platforms owned by the Alibaba Group.

– Taobao is a versatile platform that primarily caters to individual sellers and small businesses. It offers an extensive and diverse range of products, including unique and handmade items, and is known for its competitive prices.

– Tmall, also known as Taobao Mall, targets businesses and larger retailers. It provides a premium shopping experience, featuring high-quality products and trusted brands. Tmall is recognized for its stringent product quality standards and is a preferred choice for Chinese consumers seeking authentic goods.

Both platforms contribute significantly to Alibaba’s dominance in the e-commerce industry, offering distinct shopping experiences to a wide range of consumers and businesses.

Why is ChinaDS – WooCommerce Tmall – Taobao Dropshipping fit for you?

ChinaDS – WooCommerce Tmall and Taobao Dropshipping is a fantastic tool for getting started with dropshipping on taobao.com and tmall.com. With just some simple steps, you can connect the Taobao page and WooCommerce store using the extension.

The ChinaDS – WooCommerce Tmall and Taobao Dropshipping plugin masters importing products from taobao.com and tmall.com to WooCommerce, allowing you to save a significant amount of time migrating product data from Taobao and Tmall to WooCommerce and earn money from online businesses through Taobao dropshipping.

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Important Notice:

  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce plugin.

  • Your site need use SSL certificates to connect with chrome extension

  • Your permalink structure must NOT be “Plain”

  • We make no guarantees about the raw information imported from Taobao provided by our plugin and will not be held liable if it is not accurate, complete, or up to date, or if it does not otherwise satisfy your specific needs. All risks regarding to raw information and the material may not be excepted and will not be our responsibility.

  • There may be instances when information provided through the plugin contains typographical mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions come from Taobao such as product descriptions, promotions, offers, pricing, shipping fee, availability, and delivery timeframes. Apart from official laws require, we make no commitment to correct, update, alter, or clarify such material.

  • It is released on WordPress.org and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.


Connect Taobao, Tmall and WooCommerce store: You can connect these 2 platforms WooCommerce and Taobao using the ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping extension.

Import Tmall and Taobao products with ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping: allows you to import products from Taobao and Tmall to your WooCommerce store on the Taobao or Tmall single product pages.

Configure rules for all imported products:

You can set general rules for all imported products in the product setting.

  • Language for translation: Support converting to the site’s language, just choose your site’s language in the list.

  • Global product attributes: By default, the variations of variable products imported from Taobao are custom attributes. If you want to convert these variations to global attributes, enable the Convert to global attributes option.

  • Products Status: Choose a default status of the imported product after they are imported to WooCommerce. The product status of the imported products can be automatically set: As publish, Pending, or Draft.

  • Catalog visibility: This setting determines which shop pages products will be listed on.

  • Product description: Select to display product description and/or item specifics or not show this info in the imported product.

  • Import description images: Enable this option to allow importing images in the product description if they are available.

  • Default select product images: Enable it, the First image will be selected as the product image, and other images (except images from the product description) are selected in the gallery when adding the product to the import list.

  • Disable background process: When importing products, instead of letting their images download in the background, the main product image will be downloaded directly, gallery and variation images (if any) will be added to Failed images pages so that you can go there to download them manually.

  • Default categories: Fill in the category titles, imported products will be added to these categories.

  • Default product tags: Fill in the tag titles, imported products will be added to these tags.

  • Default shipping class: The shipping class chosen here will also be selected by default in the Import list.

  • Product variations is visible on product page: Enable to make variations of imported products visible on the product page.

  • Manage stock: Enable to manage stocks and import product inventories. if you disable this option, the product stock status will be set to “Instock” and product inventory will not be imported.

Set up rules for the price of all products:

These rules will apply in the Import list section before migrating into your WooCommerce store.

  • Exchange rate: Taobao’s product prices are defined in CNY (¥), if you want to convert to your country’s currency or another currency, let’s configure the exchange rate.

  • Setup product price rule for multi-quantity ranges. In particular, you can set a quantity range respectively with an action type.

Product overriding: The feature helps you save time to replace an imported product with a new product on Taobao. There are rules for you to choose which product properties remain or remove when overriding a product.

Manage Tmall and Taobao products in the Import List: This section allows customizations for all individual products before importing them to WooCommerce products.

Manage Tmall and Taobao products in Imported: quickly observe Tmall and Taobao products that are imported to WooCommerce products, and also do product overriding products


  • All features from the free version: All your settings/imported products/product overriding are remained after upgrading

  • Import products from category page

  • Product video: This plugin supports importing product video, you can configure the options in the Product video tab to import videos, customize and display videos.

  • Product splitting: This feature allows splitting variations of a variable product into single products. Particularly, you can split into single products with a number of variations available in an attribute or assign a certain variation to split.

  • Product sync: Product Sync allows you to update the price and quantity of imported products on your WooCommerce store whenever these values change on the Taobao store. Go to the Product Sync tab to configure the relevant options.

  • Fulfill the orders to Taobao: A separated page to manage all your AliExpress orders where you can bulk fulfill orders or fulfill orders with extension

GET PRO VERSION or http://codecanyon.net/item/chinads-woocommerce-taobao-dropshipping/48291170


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Ảnh màn hình

  • Nút nhập trên taobao.com,tmall.com
  • Kết nối giữa cửa hàng WooCommerce với taobao
  • Danh sách sản phẩm taobao, sản phẩm tmall đang chờ được nhập
  • Danh sách sản phẩm taobao, sản phẩm tmall được nhập tới WooCommerce

Cài đặt

  1. Giải nén bản tải xuống
  2. Tải chinads-taobao-dropshipping-for-woocommerce lên thư mục /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Kích hoạt plugin từ menu ‘Plugin’ trong WordPress

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/2.0.5 – 2024.05.20/
– Updated: Update support class

/2.0.4 – 2024.04.13/
– Updated: Compatible with WP 6.5 and WC 8.7
– Updated: Update support class

/2.0.2 – 2023.09.27/
– Updated: Premium version url

/2.0.1 – 2023.09.26/
– Added: Premium version url

/2.0.0 – 2023.09.13/
– Updated: Move Taobao product to new table

/1.0.3 – 2023.04.29/
– Fix: Load textdomain

/1.0.2 – 2022.12.08/
– Fix: Enqueue scripts

/1.0.1 – 2022.08.29/
– Update: Add register account video guide

/1.0.0 – 2022.06.06/
~ The first released.