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Chicory makes recipe monetization easy. Grow revenue for your blog and offer site visitors the ability to shop directly from your recipe content.

Join Chicory’s network of 5,200+ food publishers, brands and retailers to harness the power of contextual commerce advertising solutions.

With Chicory’s free WordPress plugin, you can make all of your recipes shoppable with our Recipe Activation technology and unlock monetization opportunities with highly-relevant, contextual advertising via Chicory Premium. Our advertisements are placed within the recipe card and targeted to either ingredient keywords or recipe categories.


  • Easy Path to Start Earning

Working with Chicory is easy! In just a few steps you can make your recipes shoppable and start earning ad revenue.

  • Relevant Recommendations for Your Audience

Our consumer research shows that food blogs and recipe sites are the #1 of inspiration for shoppers. By working with Chicory, you’ll give your audience relevant product recommendations and a seamless way to start their grocery shop.

  • Advertisers You Can Trust

Chicory’s media is sold directly to CPG brands and agencies. We keep your audience’s site experience in mind and will only show grocery-related advertisements within your recipe card.

  • High-Performing Shoppable Experiences

Chicory’s shoppable recipe tech gives your audience the option to select their preferred retailer and results in higher performance than single-retailer experiences.


Our team is available to answer any Chicory-related questions. Email for support.


Q: What’s the difference between Recipe Activation and Chicory Premium?

A: Read here.

Q: Where can I find Chicory on my site?

A: Read here.

Q: What are the details of Chicory’s payment policy?

A: Read here.

For more FAQs, please visit our Publisher Resources page or reach out to for support.

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Get started with Chicory in two simple steps:

  1. Complete our Chicory Recipe Partner form.
  2. Install and activate the Chicory WordPress plugin *Note: In order for our technology to function properly, your recipes must be formatted according to’s guidelines. Learn more here.

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23 Tháng Mười Hai, 2021
The plugin would not load correctly on wordpress. I reached out to the developers 3 times asking for help. Every time they stated they would get back to me, and never did. I found another recipe plugin that worked flawlessly. Dont waste your time with this one!
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  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 6.5


  • Updated plugin FAQ, Support, and description.


  • Verified compatability with WordPress 6.2


  • Verified compatability with WordPress 5.8.2


  • Verified compatability with WordPress 5.5


  • Verified compatability with WordPress 5.2


  • Updated documentation and tested flag to reflect compatibility with WordPress 5.1.1


  • Updated documentation and tested flag to reflect compatibility with WordPress 5.0


  • Updated documentation


  • Updated readme with latest supported version of WordPress


  • Updated plugin photos


  • Updated plugin description


  • Updated plugin configuration


  • Removed Chicory button location options from admin
  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.9


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.8


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.7


  • Adding async=”true” to Chicory script


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.6
  • Added new button placement option – “Lower Right Corner of Recipe”


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.5


  • Bug fix for warnings during installation


  • Adding support for HTTPS


  • Updating description, FAQ, and icon image


  • Moving button placement logic to external system

  • Restricting button to singular pages only


  • Converted to PHP 5.2 compatible syntax

  • Added wordpress, php, and plugin version tracking


  • Using older PHP 4 constant definition syntax

  • Showing warning in settings page when PHP version is too old or required extensions are missing


  • Defaulting button location to bottom of post when PHP extensions libxml, dom, or mbstring are missing.


  • Added a default for the location setting.


  • Updated button location settings.


  • Resolve bugs of not displaying content and images on blog and index page.


  • Remove chicory button from front page and other pages.

  • Chicory button only display on single post.


  • Remove Top Of Recipe Setting.

  • Add Below Ziplist Setting.

  • Add Below EasyRecipe Setting.


  • First version.