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Cherry Socialize

Mô tả

Want to power up your website with the use of social networks? Prepare for an easy and intuitive introducing your Instagram profile right to the widget area by the means of Cherry Socialize plugin, which allows to manage your Instagram social network right from your website!

You can choose the content type to be shown, show tagged photos, enter different hashtags, define number of photos, and all these resources are available now with the Cherry Socialize plugin! Try it out, and discover for yourself how easy your Instagram profile customization can become!

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Cherry Socialize plugin comes with the Cherry Socialize Instagram widget, which is used to setup and display Instagram feed on the website.

You can customize the widget by changing latter settings:

  1. Title – This property specifies the widget title
  2. Tagged photos – Choose the content type here
  3. My photos – Choose the content type here
  4. Hashtag (enter without # symbol) – Here you can set a hashtag to display the images, selected by this property
  5. Number of photos – This property defines the number of images to show
  6. Photo size – This property defines the size of the shown images from thumbnail to high
  7. Enable liking photos – Enable / disable liking photos right from the webpage
  8. Caption – Enable this option if you want to show captions
  9. Date – Hide/Show date below the images
  10. Follow us – Hide/Show Follow Us button

Cài đặt

  1. Upload “cherry-socialize” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • FIX: user instagram api


  • FIX: prevent php error


  • FIX: instagram api request


  • Add: post sharing
  • Add: user social links


  • Updated cherry framework


  • Fixed insta change API bug


  • Fixed bug


  • ADD: filter to control cache update


  • Initial release