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Mô tả

censorREACT is a plugin designed to be a simple, easy-to-use moderation tool, for your online content.

We protect your website, so you no longer have to worry that unfriendly users can upload content or images which is offensive or harmful to your brand and customers

Automated text filtering and image moderation are provided so you can get on with managing your business. censorREACT filters the content before anyone gets to see it, even you! 

Get started now for FREE and have access to:


  • 5 Simultaneous Requests

  • 1,000 text calls per month

  • 100 image calls per month


  • Explicit images

  • Suggestive content

  • Images depicting violence

  • Disturbing images

  • Blacklist and Whitelist

  • Custom confidence scoring

  • Whitelist and Blacklist capability


  • Single profile

  • Blacklist and Whitelist

  • Simple, Detailed and Masked blacklist responses


  • Self Service Support via Community & Help Docs

What do we filter?

censorREACT processes and filters the following information:

  • Post titles

  • Post content

  • Post authors

  • Comments

  • Comment authors

How does it work?

Content that your user has entered onto your website is sent to our API; this is to validate whether the content includes offensive language. censorREACT then replaces the offensive language with an asterisk (*) for each letter of the word.

Eg. If the word ‘random’ was a bad word. The content below:

This is a really random sentence. Why would you write a random sentence? Who thinks of this random stuff?

Would look like this:

This is a really ****** sentence. Why would you write a ****** sentence? Who thinks of this ****** stuff?

What happens to my data?

For information on our Privacy Policy, please go and for information on our Terms of Service, please go

Where can I get support?

For support please visit our communtiy site or visit our documentation

censorREACT app

  • You are able to log in to the censorREACT App where you can:

  • View your stats in real time

  • Change appearance of the offensive language

  • Replace your API Key

  • Add words to the blacklist/whitelist

  • Test the API

  • Upgrade your account

Silver Tier Features


  • 100 Simultaneous Requests
  • 20,000 text calls per month
  • 2,000 image calls per month

Image Filtering

  • Blacklist, Whitelist and Greylist
  • Finetuned confidence scoring
  • History

Text Filtering

  • Multiple profiles
  • Word usage summary
  • History


  • Email Support

Gold Tier Features


  • 1,000 Simultaneous Requests
  • 100,000 text calls per month
  • 10,000 image calls per month

Text Filtering

  • Sentiment (coming soon)


  • Priority Email Support

Ảnh màn hình

  • Sign up or login in our censorREACT settings page to get started.
  • censorREACT settings page where you can update your key to the latest and view plugin status.
  • An example of how your users will see filtered content.
  • An example of how your users will see filtered comments.
  • An example of how your users will see the links to your different posts.
  • An example of how the tab title will look with the filtered post title.

Cài đặt

Installation is easy! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Install censorREACT from the store

  2. Activate censorREACT

  3. Go to our settings page by clicking on the settings button next to the activate/deactivate button

  4. Either log in or sign up

  5. If your email isn’t verified it will ask for you to check your email for a verification code

  6. Enter the verification code

  7. You’re good to go! Your site is now protected!

Hỏi đáp

How do I change settings for my account?

To change settings for your account once you have signed up, you will need to go to . You will need to sign in with your censorREACT account. If you do not yet have an account simply sign up through our app or our plugin.

Will censorREACT work with my website?

Yes! censorREACT works with post titles, post content, media images, usernames, comments and more. Let us know if you would like support for any more content!

Where can I find out more about censorREACT premium?

You can find out more on our Intygrate website!

I have run out of API calls for my account! What do I do?

If you run out of API calls you will have to wait till the end of your month until your calls reset, or you can upgrade your account in the censorREACT app! Have a look at

Do you have documentation where I can find out more information?

We sure do! You can access our docs here

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  • Split the login and signup forms into individual forms.
  • Added a resend code button in the confirmation code form.
  • Bug fixes.


  • removed conflicting CSS.