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Green Receipt- WhatsApp Commerce

Mô tả

Create Store Front on WhatsApp to always stay connected & convert the shopper, regardless of where s/he started the shopping journey.

Why use this extension? *
• Send Notification on WhatsApp for WooCommerce Order Confirmation & Abandoned Cart and other events.
• Allow Customers to directly chat with your Brand/ Store Staff/ Support & follow-up directly on WhatsApp
• Capture quick feedback on purchases with smiley and like / dislike buttons
• Reengage (with built in CRM) on WhatsApp and convert by re-directing shoppers on your WooCommerce website/ eStore for repeat purchase
• Send Marketing & Promotional Messages on WhatsApp

What’s included *
1. Unique Store Front on WhatsApp: with dynamic Banner & built-in action + quick response buttons
2. All Standard eCommerce Notifications
3. Multi Store / Multiuser backend with built in CRM for shopping reminders and coupon generation
4. Marketing portal for planning & executing WhatsApp Marketing
5. Admin Portal with MIS, Customer Conversations, and updating store & staff data

Ảnh màn hình

  • Search for “Green Receipt- WhatsApp Commerce” on the “Add Plugin” page and activate it.
  • Enter The API Key shared by BUYbot Team and Select the events you link to drop WhatsApp notifications.
  • Save Changes. Then Enjoy!

Cài đặt

  1. Search for “Green Receipt- WhatsApp Commerce” on the “Add Plugin” page and activate it.
  2. In the left side menu click on \”Green Receipt- WhatsApp Commerce\”.
  3. Enter The API Key shared by Green Receipt Team.
  4. Select the events you link to drop WhatsApp notifications.
  5. Save Changes. Then Enjoy!

Hỏi đáp

Can I integrate my own API\’s?
No, This plugin works with the accounts listed with Green Receipt.

How I can get an API key?
Please contact Green Receipt Support and they will help you out.

Can I Set Order Notifications Events?
Yes, there is an option to control the WooComerce default notification events for Orders.

Can I extend the functionality of this plugin?
Sorry, you cannot extend the functionality. If you need any type of customized functionality and will get back to you.

Can you customize the plugin for me?
Please use the WordPress support forum for new feature requests, our development team may consider it in future updates. Please note we do not have any plans to develop any integrations for any paid plugins, if still, you need it someone like you must sponsor the update 🙂 please write to

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Nhật ký thay đổi

1.0.0 : initial version released.