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BuddyPress Docs adds collaborative work spaces to your BuddyPress community. Part wiki, part document editing, part shared dropbox, think of these Docs as a BuddyPress version of the Docs service offered by the Big G ifyouknowwhatimean

Features include:

  • Docs that can be linked to groups or users, with a variety of privacy levels
  • Support for fully-private document uploads
  • Doc taxonomy, using tags
  • Fully sortable and filterable doc lists
  • TinyMCE front-end doc editing
  • One-editor-at-a-time prevention against overwrites, plus idle detection/autosave
  • Full access to revision history
  • Dashboard access and management of Docs for the site admin

This plugin is in active development. For feature requests and bug reports, visit http://github.com/boonebgorges/buddypress-docs. If you have translated the plugin and would like to provide your translation for distribution with BuddyPress Docs, please contact the plugin author.

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28 Tháng Mười, 2022
This is really perfect. I customized minor things in CSS, but otherwise it just works perfectly out-of-the-box. It’s lightweight and yet very effective. If you need collaborative documents functionality in a BuddyBoss environment this does the job perfectly. I use it in a community where people share attachments mostly: I have folders and then one Doc per category of attachment; people can add attachments, edit the description, etc. The access control is also granular. It was useful to find the author’s code snippets on github for customizations (such as global folders).
22 Tháng Mười, 2021
Hello, thank you very much for this great collaborative documents plugins, it work perfecly. Best regards.
12 Tháng Mười Hai, 2020
The plugin provides a great collaboration tool. Just a tiny request: add an option to allow friends or specific persons to read, edit and comment on the docs.
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 12.0+ when performing AJAX requests.


  • Fixed fatal error when viewing certain interfaces while using the BuddyPress Legacy template pack.
  • Improve fallback visibility settings when viewing the Docs tab in non-public groups.
  • Ensure that CSS and JS assets are loaded on user Docs pages.


  • Fixed regression in 2.2.0 that caused Docs content to appear twice in some contexts
  • Improved compatibility with WP default block themes, including full-width templates and previously-broken directory views
  • Added the ability to disable ‘bp_doc_edited’ activity items
  • Fixed bug that caused certain group permission checks not to work properly in BP 12.0+.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.2.0 that caused post-save redirects to go to the wrong place.


  • Compatibility with BuddyPress 12.0+.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2+.
  • Caching for attachment protection check.
  • Improved appearance of Docs list tables when there are no Docs to display.
  • Improved hooks for customizing the Docs group admin/create panel.
  • Added a shortcode, bp_docs_recent_docs, to output a simple list of docs similar to the Recent Docs widget.


  • Improved compatibility with WP 6.3 in the History tab.
  • Prevent Docs tag archive from being access via the template hierarchy, rather than through the dedicated Docs interface.


  • Better compatibility with third-party plugins when serving attachments.
  • Improved PHP 8 compatibility.
  • Improved clarity about plugin license.


  • Improved JavaScript dependencies to prevent issues when webhosts disable the Heartbeat API.
  • Fixed PHP notices.


  • Fixed bug that caused Tab button to be incorrectly inserted in rich text editor in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect Folder edit permissions in some groups.


  • Fixed bug that caused Attachments button not to work properly in some cases on WP 5.3+.


  • Fixed bug that could cause Doc links to be incorrectly generated in some cases where Doc IDs are filtered by another plugin.
  • Fixed bug that could cause empty attachment directories to be incorrectly created in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that caused group checkbox not to be checked properly after failed form submission.


  • Better compatibility with themes that load the WP Media modal early
  • Fixed bug with the “Most recent” check on the History tab.


  • Added context-awareness option for Docs widget
  • Improved compatibility checks for various PHP versions.
  • Improved compatibility with Smart Slider plugin and other plugins leveraging ‘upload_dir’ filter.
  • Improved compatibility with WP_Query post caching.
  • Improved performance when filtering activity queries for off-limits Docs activity.
  • Fixed a broken textdomain


  • Improved behavior of “anyone can comment” setting.
  • Fixed regression in Docs 2.1.0 that broke compatibility with PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed bug that could cause access settings to be rendered incorrectly in some cases where bp_docs_get_current_doc() is filtered by a plugin.
  • Fixed regression in BuddyPress that prevented access to author-only documents in some cases.


  • Improved support for BuddyPress 3.0 and the Nouveau template pack.
  • Improved Doc search to match attachment filenames.
  • Fixed bug that caused revision count to be incorrect in some cases.
  • Added filters to modify default toggle open/closed state on Doc edit/create.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs activity filters to appear in groups where Docs was not enabled.
  • Search terms are now highlighted on search results page.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2+.
  • Added right-to-left versions of stylesheets.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs with identical slugs to have conflicting URLs.
  • Fixed bug that caused ‘View All Docs’ link on search results to paginate incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug that caused new directory searches not to reset pagination.
  • Use Akismet to check new Docs for spam content.
  • Move Docs between folders using drag and drop.
  • Improved support for themes that don’t use BP theme compatibility.
  • Accessibility improvements.


  • Fixed bug that caused original author info to be lost when a doc was edited by another user.


  • Began using the WordPress.org translation service. This will require action by some users:
  • If you use a custom translation, it must be renamed and moved to this location: wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress-docs-LOCALE.mo. E.g., wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress-docs-es_ES.mo
  • If you use custom template parts, all text domain identifiers must be updated to ‘buddypress-docs’.
  • Improved privacy of comments on limited access Docs.
  • Improved success messaging when saving admin settings.
  • Fixed bug that caused edited doc to appear in its own Parent dropdown.


  • Fixed bug that caused post global variables to be improperly set after use of the widget, which interfered with template generation in certain cases.


  • Fixed security issue that made it possible to edit certain Docs without proper permissions. Thanks to Ewoud Vlasselaer, Eric Schayes, and Nabeel Ahmed for discovering and privately reporting this issue.
  • Fixed bug in Edit Lock functionality that caused locks to be removed improperly on certain link clicks.


  • Fixed bug that caused attachments to be corrupted in some cases.
  • Fixed potential notice when using Docs widget.
  • Fixed broken attachment icon.
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.7+.


  • Fixed bug where attachment filter could show all items when no items have attachments.
  • Fixed bug that could cause attachment filtering in directories to display off-limits Docs.
  • Styling improvements.
  • Fixed bug in activity stream when referenced Doc was deleted.
  • Added Catalan translation.


  • Docs can now be sorted into folders inside of groups.
  • New breadcrumb navigation in individual Docs as well as in folder view.
  • Improved appearance in default WordPress themes.
  • Improved performance for Directory views.
  • Improved support for /index.php/ permalinks.
  • Allow users to trash and permanently delete docs.
  • Introduce “Recently Created Docs” widget.
  • Improved behavior when BuddyPress’ groups component is not active.


  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect “x members” count in Associated Group metabox in some situations.
  • Improved localization for “x members” string in Associated Group metabox.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs to show as enabled for a group after being toggled from on to off.
  • Fixed invalid markup on group settings panel.
  • Improved permissions checks for certain actions.


  • Fixed bug that prevented certain users from having access to the “associated group” panel in edit mode.
  • Fixed bug where Doc access settings might not be correct by default.
  • Fixed bug where suggested Doc access settings may override values set by the user.


  • Fixed pagination bugs within group and user Doc directories
  • Improved accessibility throughout frontend and backend screens.
  • Added new action hooks to Doc edit meta area.
  • Fixed bug that caused “View All Docs” link to be broken when plugins add filters to Doc directories.
  • Added miscellaneous filters for plugin developers.
  • Improved performance of access protection functions.


  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.2+
  • New feature: unlink from group button
  • Extracted away from WordPress’s general discussion settings
  • Fixed bug that could cause attachment corruption on download
  • Fixed JS error when editing/creating Doc


  • Fixed permalinks for child Docs
  • More fixes for JS dependency and load order


  • Improve dependency logic when loading JS files


  • Fix conflict with Events Organizer and certain other plugins using the ‘pre_get_posts’ hook
  • Moar filters


  • Fix performance issue related to the ‘check_is_protected()’ check for Doc attachments
  • Fix bug that caused Docs tab to be enabled for groups in some situations where it was not intended
  • Avoid fatal errors if loading Groups integration in an unorthodox order


  • Replace the missing Link feature in the rich text editor with WP’s custom link plugin
  • Fix bug that could allow non-authenticated user to access /edit page in some cases
  • Ensure that the ‘js’ and ‘no-js’ body classes work properly across themes


  • Settings boxes default to closed on existing Docs, simplifying the interface, especially on mobile devices
  • Improved handling of permissions for uploading attachments
  • Overhauled internal capabilities system, for better reliability and customization
  • Use submitted values to rerender page after a failed create/edit action
  • Better protection against comment spam
  • Better suggestions for default access settings when changing Doc group associations
  • Fix wikitext-style [[links]] when pointing to non-existent Docs
  • Better localization for some strings as used in Javascript


  • Don’t run document protection check on AJAX calls
  • Fix PHP notice when compiling group terms
  • Force theme compatibility mode on User tabs for themes that don’t use it for other Docs template
  • Fix bug that caused Admins not to meet the “Moderator” minimum role
  • Fix potential bug related to overwriting autosave drafts


  • Fix incorrect function usage when generating htaccess files
  • Correct some permissions logic that caused Create button to be shown to some logged-out users
  • More reliable redirection when attempting to access a protected Doc
  • Better compatibility with other plugins using the WP Heartbeat API
  • Use tag name rather than slug when displaying tags in directory filters
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.0 metadata functions
  • Refactored activity action generation to work with BP 2.0’s new dynamic system
  • When group is hidden, group association is no longer advertised in the activity action


  • Fix a bug where group associations could be lost when Docs were edited by non-admins
  • Add a filter for auto-generated Apache attachment rewrite rules
  • Better error notice for Apache users with AllowOverride issues
  • Improved layout of attachment drawer
  • Improved appearance and localizability for “and x more” tags link
  • More reliable toggling of settings during group creation
  • Fix bug that prevented edit lock from being cleared on doc save


  • Overhaul of the way group/user tag clouds work
  • Improved support for attachments on nginx and IIS
  • Improved doc edit locking mechanisms
  • Improved appearance on devices of various sizes
  • Support for WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4.x


  • Improve appearance of row actions on mobile devices
  • Improve appearance of tags filter on IE < 9
  • Fix bug introduced in BP 1.9.2 related to the display of comments
  • Update ru_RU


  • Allow current filter to be toggled by reclicking filter name
  • Fix bug in “Edited by Me” logic when user has not edited any Docs
  • Show deleted Docs on Started By Me tab, so they can be easily restored
  • Improved interface for Tags directory filter when many tags are present
  • Prevent logged-out user from accessing Create page
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 1.9


  • Fix bug with permalinks in groups, introduced in change to is_singular()


  • Fix bug with WP 3.7 that caused single Docs to 404 when Permalinks were set to Page Name.


  • More compatibility with WordPress 3.7


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.7


  • Fix bug that prevented settings from being populated in some cases, resulting in improper permissions
  • Fix debug warnings on Settings page
  • Fix bug with Settings page when BP_DOCS_SLUG is set in wp-config.php


  • New standalone Settings panel, under Dashboard > BuddyPress Docs
  • Main Docs slug can now be changed via the admin
  • Fix bug that prevented the activity action from being modified for the associated group
  • Fix bug that prevented activity from appearing in group activity streams
  • Fix bug that prevented attachment uploads on group Doc creation pages
  • Recast “minimum role to create Doc in group” in terms of group association
  • Fix some textdomain errors
  • Fix incorrect form action for “has-attachment” filter in some cases
  • Fix My Groups view
  • Add Directory Excerpt Length admin option
  • Fix “admins and mods of…” permissions setting and prevent non-admin-mods from locking themselves out of Docs
  • More accurate list of items on “Edited by…” tab
  • Improve the way attachment URLs are built
  • Allow Docs with empty content field
  • Add hooks to templates
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4+


  • Fixes bug in access filter for “logged-in users” setting
  • Removes stripslashes() on post content, which was causing problems with LaTeX plugins


  • Fixes recursion problem that caused fatal errors when filtering by has-attachment on some setups
  • Fixes incorrect tag directory links at the bottom of individual Docs
  • Fixes CSS for hover actions in Docs directory
  • Fixes bug that may cause fatal errors when using private attachments on setups other than vanilla Apache
  • Removes incidental dependencies on Activity and Groups components
  • Makes the plugin dir slug customizable


  • Fixes bug introduced in 1.4.2 that prevents certain sorts of Doc editing
  • Improved localization
  • Updates ru_RU


  • Fixes problem where nested child Docs would not resolve properly in some cases
  • Improves tab navigation on Create Doc screen
  • Adds a filter that allows the Attachments component to be disabled
  • Removes Delete Attachment link from Read mode
  • Updates de_DE


  • Fixes bug that caused fatal errors when using Docs with some upload-related plugins
  • Turns off attempts at auto-detecting upgrades, to get rid of erroneous admin notice
  • Prevents group affiliation from displaying when group is hidden and user is not a member


  • Adds support for Doc Attachments, which obey Doc privacy levels
  • Directory filters redesigned and streamlined
  • Improves appearance across WP themes
  • Improves tab navigation on Edit screen
  • Adds cascading Doc permissions for new documents
  • Fixes bug that hid the Dashboard settings
  • Improves performance with custom bp_moderate capability maps
  • Reintroduces global directory tag clouds
  • Adds nl_NL language pack
  • Improves the appearance of edit mode dropdowns for fields with long text


  • Updated italian translation


  • Fixed bug that incorrectly approved some post comments


  • Fixed bug with tab permalinks on some setups
  • Fixed bug in the way parent Doc is pre-selected on Edit screen dropdown


  • Fixed issues with Doc creation when groups are disabled
  • Fixed several bugs occurring when group association was changed or deleted
  • Updated translations: Danish, Spanish


  • Adds theme compatibility layer, for better formatting with all themes
  • Full compatibility with BuddyPress 1.7
  • Don’t show permissions snapshot to non-logged-in users
  • Adds Docs link to My Account toolbar menu
  • Delete Doc activity when deleting Doc
  • Delete local Doc tags when deleting Doc from any location
  • Improved markup for Create New Docs button
  • Don’t show History quicklink on directories when revisions are disabled


  • Improved compatibility with BP Group Hierarchy
  • Fixes for global directory pagination


  • Improved access protection, for better compatibility with bbPress 2.x and other plugins
  • Updated Russian translation


  • Fixes problem with group associations and privacy levels of new docs
  • Improves access protection in WP searches and elsewhere
  • Sets hide_sitewide more carefully when posting Doc activity items
  • Prevents some errors related to wp_check_post_lock()
  • Adds Russian translation


  • Updates German translation
  • Fixes rewrite problem when using custom BP_DOCS_SLUG
  • Fixes fatal error when upgrading BuddyPress


  • Updates Danish translation
  • Fixes infinite loop bug in upgrader
  • Fixes html entity problem in permalinks


  • Fixes comment posting
  • Fixes comment display and posting permissions
  • Don’t show Tags: label when no tags are present


  • Updates .pot file
  • Updates German translation
  • l18n improvements
  • Ensures that doc links are trailingslashed
  • Fixes bug that prevented front-end doc deletion
  • Removes temporarily non-functional doc counts from group tabs


  • Fixes bug with bp-pages


  • Improves group-association auto-settings when creating via the Create New Doc link in a group
  • Fixes bug that erroneously required a directory page


  • Fixes bug with overzealous Create New Doc button
  • Fixes some PHP warnings


  • Major plugin rewrite
  • Moves Docs out of groups, making URLs cleaner, interface simpler, and making it possible to have Docs not linked to any group
  • Adds a sitewide Docs directory


  • Fixes bug in Javascript that may have caused secondary editor rows not to
    show in some cases
  • Fixes bug that broke comment moderation in some cases


  • Moves Table buttons to third row of editor, for better fit on all themes
  • Adds Danish translation


  • Adds Delete links to doc actions row
  • Fixes an invalid markup issue in a template file


  • Added Romanian translation


  • Show the ‘author’ panel in the Dashboard


  • Fixes idle timeout javascript
  • Fixes bug with timezones on History tab
  • Improves data passed to filters
  • Cleans up references to WP’s fullscreen editing mode
  • Fixes potential PHP warnings on the Dashboard


  • Improved WP 3.3 support
  • Ensure that groups’ can-delete setting defaults to ‘member’ when not present, to account for legacy groups
  • Moved to groups_get_group() for greater efficiency under BP 1.6
  • Fixed bug that redirected users to wp-admin when comparing a revision to itself


  • Adds filters to allow site admins and plugin authors to force-enable Docs at group creation, or to remove the Docs step from the group creation process


  • Forced BP Docs activity items to respect bp-disable-blogforum-comments in BP 1.5+
  • Added Portuguese translation (pt_PT)


  • Fixed bug that caused comments to be posted to the incorrect blog when using parent and child Docs


  • Fixed bug that allowed doc content to be loaded by slug in the incorrect group
  • Limit wikitext linking to docs in the same group
  • Fixed bug that prevented group admins from creating a Doc when minimum role was set to Moderators
  • Disables buggy fullscreen word count for the moment


  • Fixed bug that prevented users from editing docs when no default settings were provided


  • Switches default setting during group creation so that Docs are enabled
  • Adds a filter to default group settings so that plugin authors can modify


  • Adds wiki-like bracket linking
  • Improves distraction-free editing JS
  • Updates tabindent plugin for better browser support


  • Replaces deprecated function calls
  • Internationalizes some missing gettext calls
  • Adds an error message when a non-existent Doc is requested


  • Fixes bug that made BP Docs break WP commenting on some setups


  • Closes code tag on Edit page.


  • Filters get_post_permalink() so that Doc permalinks in the Admin point to the proper place
  • Ensures that a group’s last activity is updated when a Doc is created, edited, or deleted
  • Modifies Recent Comments dashboard widget in order to prevent non-allowed people from seeing certain Doc comments
  • Adds Print button to TinyMCE
  • Adds Brazilian Portuguese localization.


  • Fixes Tab name bug in 1.1.6 that may cause tab to disappear


  • Rolls back group-specific Tab names and puts it in Dashboard > BuddyPress > Settings


  • Better redirect handling using bp_core_no_access(), when available
  • Added TinyMCE table plugin
  • Added admin field for customizing group tab name
  • Added UI for changing the slug of an existing Doc
  • Security enhancement regarding comment posting in hidden/private groups
  • Fixed issue that may have prevented some users from viewing History tab on some setups
  • Clarified force-cancel edit lock interface
  • Introduces bp_docs_is_docs_enabled_for_group() for easy checks
  • French translation added
  • Swedish translation added


  • Make the page title prettier and more descriptive
  • Don’t show History section if WP_POST_REVISIONS are disabled
  • Fixes activity throttle for private and hidden groups
  • Fixes PHP warning related to read_comments permissions
  • Adds German translation


  • Fixes potential PHP notices related to hide_sitewide activity posting


  • Fixes bug related to group privacy settings and doc comments
  • Enables WP 3.2 distraction-free editing. Props Stas
  • Fixes markup error that prevented h2 tag from being closed on New Doc screen
  • Fixes problems with directory separators on some setups


  • Updated textdomains and pot file for new strings


  • ‘History’ tab added, giving full access to a Doc’s revision history
  • UI improvements to make tabs more wiki-like (Read, Edit, History)
  • Fixed bug that caused an error message to appear when saving unchanged settings in the group admin


  • Limited access to custom post type on the Dashboard to admins
  • Added group Doc count to group tab
  • Added Italian translation – Props Luca Camellini


  • Fixes bug that prevented blog comments from being posted to the activity stream
  • Fixes incorrect textdomain in some strings


  • Fixes bug from previous release that prevented certain templates from loading correctly


  • Abstracts out the comment format callback for use with non-bp-default themes
  • Fixes bug that prevented some templates from being overridden by child themes
  • Fixes bug that limited the number of docs visible in the Parent dropdown


  • Adds controls to allow group admins to limit Doc creation based on group role
  • Better performance on MS (plugin is not loaded on non-root-blogs by default)
  • Fixes TinyMCE link button in WP 3.1.x by removing wplink internal linking plugin in Docs context


  • Switches Delete to trash action rather than a true delete
  • Removes More button from TinyMCE in Docs context
  • Fixes bug that allowed doc comments to show up in activity streams incorrectly
  • Adds Spanish translation


  • Adds logic for loading textdomain and translations


  • Fixes bug that prevented Doc delete button from working
  • Adds POT file for translators
  • Re-fixes problem with JS editor that might cause error message on save in some setups


  • UI improvements on doc meta sliders
  • Doc children are now listed in single doc view
  • Improved support for TinyMCE loading on custom themes
  • More consistent tab highlighting in group subnav
  • Fixed bug that prevented reverting to the “no parent” setting
  • Improvements in the logic of doc comment display
  • Improvements in the way that activity posts respect privacy settings of groups


  • Added pagination for doc list view
  • Improvements to the simultaneous edit lock mechanism
  • Streamlining of Doc Edit CSS to fit better with custom themes
  • Improvements to the way that docs tags are handled on the back end


  • Initial public release