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Gutenberg Customizer

Mô tả

Good news everyone: our favorite editor – now even more convenient!

The block editor functionality is a great step forward in making WordPress user-friendlier. It’s intuitive, it allows for lots of things, but could it be more flexible?

Meet the Gutenberg Customizer – the WordPress plugin that will make the Gutenberg editor an even better tool!

With Gutenberg Customizer, you can adjust the WordPress block editor to fit your needs: from screen size to colors. This plugin allows setting the desired field width for the main editor and the sidebar. And not only that: Gutenberg Customizer provides the Dark Mode for the editor. Configure your work area and let it aid your productivity, not hamper it.


1. Editor width

Planning to have a full-screen paragraph on a page? Want to see how long lines of text would look? Customizing the width of the editor can come in really handy in cases like that – and in many more.

2. Sidebar width

Now it’s up to you how much room to leave for tools. Gutenberg Customizer will let you stretch or shrink the sidebar to the perfect size so that it attracts just the right amount of attention.

3. Dark mode

However convenient the block editor is, it’s far from pleasant to work in it when it’s much brighter than the surroundings. The Dark Mode feature of the Gutenberg customizer plugin ensures your eyes are comfortable in dim light.

Coming soon: Eye Care Mode

Improve your work conditions even more! With the next update, we’re adding the Eye Care Mode with warmer colors. Too much blue light from digital screens is no good for the eyes. Make your Gutenberg editor colors adjustable regardless of the device you work from.

Why we prefer Gutenberg over the page builders for WordPress?

  • If you develop a website using third-party builders, you corner yourself in a situation where you’ll need this particular editor/builder installed, or some things may not work. That’s not the case with the built-in editor.

  • Additional stuff installed equals additional load on your site. If you want your site to be fast, you should keep it lightweight.

We always use the native WordPress block editor when working on a website. And we know how important it is to enjoy using your tools. That’s what Gutenberg Customizer is for.

Gutenberg Customizer is the best way to make website development run even more smoothly.

– Set comfortable dimensions

Gutenberg Customizer will help you make your editor represent the layout of your future site. Try working with a more flexible interface: your convenience matters!

– Keep your eyes comfy

Some like using darker colors for the lower-key light, some – for the stylish look. But that’s surely something that will make you more satisfied with the work process.

– Stay healthy

Your vision needs less stress and better color temperature. The Eye Care Mode in Gutenberg Customizer will be on the lookout for your health.

While you make your site convenient for users, Gutenberg Customizer will take care of your comfort. Work with ease and love what you do more than ever.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Plugin settings
  • Plugin settings
  • Plugin settings
  • Plugin settings
  • Editor background color change (wide sidebar size)
  • Editor Dark Mode enabled (wide sidebar size)
  • Editor Dark Mode enabled (default sidebar size)
  • Editor background color change (default sidebar size)

Cài đặt

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Go to wp-admin => Settings => Gutenberg Customizer to adjust the plugin’s settings

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  • You can reset any individual settings now
  • Gutenberg latest release support (WP 5.7.1)


  • Bug Fixes


  • Initial release