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Bleeper Live Chat

Mô tả

Install a live chat and support desk on your website in seconds with Bleeper.

Join over 60 000 other websites and experience the easiest way to engage with existing and potential customers.

Bleeper makes sales and support fun.


  • Live chat
  • Support desk
  • Blips
  • Reporting
  • GIF integration
  • Customize your chat box
  • Typing preview (see what your customers are typing before they send their message)
  • Message editing (edit your message after you send it)
  • Quick responses
  • Edit your profile fields to make your chat experience unique
  • Have an “always online” feel to your chat box
  • Integrate your chat box with social sites
  • Adjust your chat box theme and style
  • Adjust your chat box animations
  • Adjust all chat strings

Ảnh màn hình

  • Welcome screen
  • Live Chat - Front End

Cài đặt

Installing the plugin

  1. Once installed and activated you will be taken to a welcome screen
  2. Click the “Activate Live Chat” button
  3. A free account will be created on Bleeper
  4. The chat box will be automatically installed and you can immediately start chatting with visitors on your site

Hỏi đáp

I’ve installed the live chat plugin, now what?

Once installed and activated, a link should appear in your left navigation panel within your WP-ADMIN section. Click on the “Bleeper” link and follow the on screen instructions.

Đánh giá

14 Tháng Mười Hai, 2018
My company markets and sells real estate in various online markets @GetMaxNet (guilt-free plug). I spent hours researching live chat plugin options, comparing costs, looking for a service that allows my Intelligent Marketing teams to be contacted 24/7 via our site. I found this gem and never looked back. The mobile app they offer works perfectly with the live chat. Great stuff! Incredible A+ customer service experience. Seems like this team is really building something great here! Thanks for getting back so quick!
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Nhật ký thay đổi

1.04 – 30 Aug 2019

  • Fixed undefined index errors in core
  • Fixed issues with account activation
  • Fixed issues with automatic API key retrieval and code set up

1.03 – 27 Mar 2019

  • Fixed TLS validation security issue and replaced CURL calls to use the WP HTTP API

1.02 – 23 Dec 2018

  • Fixed Blips showing up when the current blip was disabled in settings

1.01 – 24 Dec 2018

  • Added support for capturing Ninjaform submissions as Blips

1.00 – 2018-11-13

  • Launch!