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This lightweight plugin makes Bible references on your website interactive, showing a preview when the visitor clicks or moves the mouse cursor over the references. Up to three verses are shown, followed by a ‘Read more’ link.

You can choose from 20+ languages and 50+ bible versions. Check the list of available languages/bibles here.


Suggestions for improvements, additional functionality or more Bible translations are welcome.

By installing this plugin you agree to these terms.

Cài đặt

In WordPress:
1. Navigate in the wordpress admin to plugins->add new.
2. Search for ‘BibleLink Multilingual’ by GlobalRize.
3. Install and activate the plugin.
Note: by installing the plugin you agree to the terms for the use of the plugin.

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13 Tháng Hai, 2023
I had tried a few similar plugin before BibleLink Multilingual. This one worked best for my homepage. The support is a true blessing. They added my requested German abbreviations and also a second German bible translation. And they helped me with making some adjustments for my website. The feature itself is super helpful for devotional or exegetical christian texts. The reader can look up bible references super quick.
7 Tháng Sáu, 2022 1 reply
I’ve been waiting for a plugin like this for quite some time. BibleLink Multilingual exceeded my expectations. – It just works. Not much configuration is required. – It supports many translations, and the support team is willing to add more when requested. – The plugin’s ability to recognise Bible references is impressive. Both full references and abbreviated references are recognised. There have been plugins like this before, but after a couple of years, the developers usually stop supporting them. In this case, it seems like the plugin author is committed to supporting this. Overall, this is a great plugin.
26 Tháng Tám, 2021
I have long waited for a plugin like this. It works very simple. The Bible Link plugin is available in a couple of languages and different Bible translations. The team of the plugin is actively working on the plugin and more languages and Bible translations are constantly added. The plugin is usable on multilingual websites also.
15 Tháng Tám, 2021
The plugin is extremely easy to install. After downloading and activating it simply works. A Bible reference in blog posts and pages is picked up instantly. If the user hovers over the reference the text of the reference is displayed. It offers several languages and translations in these languages. Installed it on a WP 5.8. website, no issues at all. Great plugin extremely suitable for religious websites!
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Compatible with WordPress 6.6


  • Fixed incorrect fallback value


  • Rolled back to 1.0.12, because of major bug


  • Compatible with WordPress 6.1


  • Fixed compatability bug
  • Plugin options won’t be deleted upon deactivation
  • Compatible with WordPress 6.0


  • Fixed excluded class


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.9


  • Updated plugin page (


  • Added exclude class option
  • Removed error notice in debugmode


  • Changed the way additional languages options are stored.


  • Load plugin options external (languages, translations)


  • Added Bible translation: ESV


  • Added Bible translations: HSV + SV


  • Added color option for bible references
  • Added language: Portuguese


  • Added exclude HTML elements feature
  • Script is loaded async and defer


  • WordPress implementation of BibleLink plugin by GlobalRize.
  • WPML configuration