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BigCommerce Advance Search

Mô tả

BigCommerce Advance Search is Most powerful, professional and advance search engine for ::: BigCommerce For WordPress ::: store. The search is presented as
live search and auto-complete search suggestion and the search result showing through Ajax. So no page refresh…

We are currently working on a new functionality, adding soon.

Plugin Functionalities:

  1. Your store product search when you are using BigCommerce for WordPress plugin.
  2. Most Lightweight, so your site have no speed issue and easily customizible.
  3. Inbuilt ShortCode support, so no need of any devlopment knowledge just Copy and paste in your post or page.
  4. Inbuilt widget support, just drag-drop to search your store.
  5. Live and auto-complete search via ajax.
  6. No page refresh, so your search result shows a nicely interactive process.
  7. Easy to install and use.
  8. You can change look and feal by adding some css from back-end. No need of open code.
  9. A small settings page, for your help.
  10. We are adding additional more functionality to this plugin soon…

Ảnh màn hình

  • Showing Search Result When Choose Details Search Results.
  • BigCommerce Advance Search Settings page.
  • Showing Search Result When Choose Autocomplete The Results.
  • BigCommerce Advance Search In Widgets.

Cài đặt

Please follow there easy steps to install the plugin –

  1. Go to Plugins then Click on “Add New” Now you can Search Bigcommerce Advance Search And Install Now then Activate or click on Upload Plugin and “Upload “” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory and extract it. And you can upload bc-advance-search foldes via ftp also.
  2. If not activated plugin, Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Now, you will see a menu “BC Search” in admin panel, click on it for small settings.
  4. Use shortcode in any post/page or template. You can use as widget also.
  5. Get all functionalities of the plugin, Enjoy…

Hỏi đáp

Does this plugin create any table in database?

No, this plugin does not create any table in your database. It uses wordpress default table.

Does this search other than bigcommerce products?

No, this plugin only search bigcommerce products at this moment.

Can I deactivate this plugin anytime?

Yes! you can deactivate it anytime, simply goto plugin section of your admin panel and deactivate the plugin named “Bigcommerce Advance Search”.

If “BigCommerce for WordPress” plugin is not install there will be any problem?

No problem will happened, no error also showing just show a notice to install “BigCommerce for WordPress”, and you can also stop this notice going to this plugin settings page.

Can I uninstall this plugin anytime?

Yes! you can uninstall it anytime, simply goto plugin section of your admin panel, if not deactivated, first deactivate and delete the plugin named “Bigcommerce Advance Search”.

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Nhật ký thay đổi

Go to see



  • Initial release.


  • Search result appears on mouse or keyboard event.
  • Added loader for details search result appearance.
  • Some design changes to make it more beatuful.
  • Some minor bugs solve.


  • Show automatically option in plugins settings.
  • Added design settings in back-end, from where you can change basic style of search box.
  • Bugs solve and code improvements.