Awesome Accordions

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Awesome accordions helps you to create a nicely animated fully responsive and accessible collapsible panels. You can create multiple accordions and place them on your site by using shortcodes, no coding is needed. It is the perfect solution for setting up a simple FAQ page or adding a simple accordion collapse into your content.
Plugin features

  • Drag and drop interface Backend interface to easily create an unlimited number of accordions
  • Shortcode for adding it to your content
  • Fully responsive with fluid height and width
  • WYSIWYG editor for adding content
  • Toggle or Collapse effect
  • Semantic html5 design
  • 100% compatible with all modern browsers
  • Keyboard navigation support
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Translation ready, works with WPML
  • Seo friendly

Backend Drag and Drop interface

We created a backend interface that lets you easily create accordion panels and by drag and drop organize them in the way you need.

The tiny MCE editor makes it easy to add any kind of content.


Easily add the accordion to any post by using the generated shortcode.
We use [awesome-accordions id=’1234′] that will be safe to use without any conflicts

ARIA + keyboard navigation support

Semantic HTML

The accordion has a semantic HTML structure and is compatible with all modern browsers.

Toggle / Collapse effect

Do you want to have one panel open at a time or the option to keep all panels open. You can set this easily for each accordion with the toggle/collapse option.

Compatible with any theme

We tested it in many themes without any problems, we use the absolute minimum css so it is easy to finetune the accordion in your theme or by using the customizer

Translation ready

Ảnh màn hình

  • Table view for staff lists
  • Grid + Layover view for extra content.
  • Grid + Expanded panels for extra content

Cài đặt

Activate the accordion plugin from the plugin interface by downloading it directly or uploading the zip file. After activation a new menu item “Accordions” should be visible.

Hỏi đáp

Can I add multiple accordions to a page/post ?

Yes, no problem you can easily add multiple shortcodes to a post

I need more features can I get them

We are working on a pro version that will be released in the fall.

Can I customize the colors/style of the accordion ?

Yes, you can easily do that by adding classes to your theme or using the customizer

Is the accordion responsive ?

Yes it works fine in all screen sizes and devices

Can I translate the plugin in my language?

Yes the plugin is 100% translation ready

Does this plugin work with Gutenberg ?

Yes, you can paste the accordion shortcode into a ‘Paragraph Block’ or use the ‘Shortcode Block’.

How can I get support?

If you face any problem with our plugin or something is not working as it should, first follow the preliminary steps:
Test the plugin with a WordPress default theme, to be sure that the error is not caused by the theme you are currently using.

Deactivate all plugins you are using and check if the problem is still occurring.

If you still have problem you can visit our documentation website here to see if you can find answers there

If none of the previously listed actions helps you solve the problem, then, submit a ticket in the forum and describe your problem accurately, specify WordPress and plugin versions you are using and any other information that might help us solve your problem as quickly as possible.

I found a bug

If you find a bug, please report it in our active support forum. You will be replied once the issue is resolved.

how can I support this plugin?

It’s a free version so we don’t need your money, but you can write a nice review in the review section.

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16 Tháng Chín, 2019
Easy to use/install and even easy to set styles in your own theme. Meets expectations.
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Fixed conflict with jQuery
Added links in tabs
Fixed post disable option in views tab


Fixed conflict that closes the accordion instantly.


Fixed conflict with js


Fixed conflict issues with tiny MCE


  • We present this plugin to the world