Referrer Tracking

Mô tả Referrer Tracker adds the referrer (website, google, Facebook etc.) to the order meta data without using cookies. So that you can evaluate marketing efforts and create segmentation for groups of users with no added data privacy complexity.

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What is it for

Know where your customers/orders come from: google, Facebook etc.

When to use this plugin

It can be used for CRM solution and Data tracking without compromising on data privacy laws. The data is collected through the WordPress session data. No cookies involved.

Transferring the tracked e-commerce data

When transferring the referrer data you’ll be able to tag your customers depending on their marketing interactions, allowing you to know whether they’re buying because you displayed new content on social media or they saw a Google ad. With this knowledge you’ll know the specifics on each customer. Not just generic Google Analytics information, but the actual actions of that customer.

Conversion tracking in E-commerce

Conversion Tracking is a useful tool for evaluating the result of marketing campaigns. It records the referral website of each visitor and it can also be used to identify the referral of the conversions

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