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Our content extension tool helps online publishers automate the process of transforming existing text into audio content. Consumers are able to enjoy more accessible audio content without compromising quality. enriches your content by adding the native Text-to-Speech widget in line within the content that the user is consuming, allowing for a seamless functionality.

Nowadays, digital content consumers are multi-taskers, have short attention spans, and are easily distracted. Podcasts and audio content consumption are on the rise – and are often costly.
Digital content creators have archives full of valuable, and relevant content that’s not being accessed or utilized. Creating an audio version will refresh content, and increase your story’s distribution. Content creators are eager to adapt in order to meet the needs of their consumers, and to reach new audiences. introduces a perfect solution. Extend your content with our technology, for FREE.

1. Create a free account at:
2. Edit your user profile and add your site’s domain.
3. Create a new widget

1. Install the plugin and activate it
2. Go to website, login, navigate to ‘Create Widgets’ page and generate a widget code.
3. Copy the widget code and paste it in your WordPress in settings -> audiate
4. Choose whether to show the widget on all posts/pages or only on selected ones.
5. Select the widget position, before the content or after the title

Another way to implement the widget in your posts and pages is to use WordPress shortcode.
Simply paste [audiate-widget] in your text or use it in your templates.

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21 Tháng Tám, 2021
Generally speaking, lightweight software is the way to go. This is a simple plugin that does exactly what it claims. Install and configuration was simple. I did have some trouble ensuring the the FAB stayed above my content in the display, and I had to tweak the z-index for some of my content. It was frustrating, but I believe the problem was with my theme, not with the plugin.
14 Tháng Mười Hai, 2020
Deberían avisar que sólo está en idioma inglés, no es la única lengua del mundo! Además, no funciona con una página o post editada con elementor.
10 Tháng Mười Hai, 2020
Small footprint, simple/easy to use design and flawless execution! Well done. Highly recommended. I never dreamt that I could have text to speech on my own website that not only is totally PRO in quality, but free! My only one tiny request is that users are able to edit the text beside the play/pause button - currently it says "Listen now" but it would be nice (for me) to say "Listen to this article". Super small issue, just a wish for future iterations of this great plugin!
9 Tháng Tám, 2020
The plugin works like a charm. Simple and straightforward integration with WP.
29 Tháng Bảy, 2020
There are many such plugins available, I tried at least 5-7 different option. Audiate has no hidden paywall or any kind of limit, which is great. The most important I found their AI really smart & the voice is also pleasing.
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