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The AR Model Viewer is a plugin that allows you to show 3D models on your website and allow people to view them in augmented reality. 3D model files such as.glb and.gltf are supported by this plugin. The plugin is incredibly simple to use.
The AR Model Viewer plugin can be used on any type of website, including business, blogs, and WooCommerce/e-commerce websites.

The AR Model Viewer plugin allows you to add a 3D model viewer to your woo-commerce products so that customers can view them in 3D as well as in augmented reality. It also comes with an Elementor widget that allows you to insert 3D models into your Elementor page.
It includes everything you’ll need to maximize the potential of your 3D creations.

Free Plan Features

The AR Model Viewer for WordPress plugin provides a full solution for displaying 3D models in 3D view as well as in AR on any type of website.

  • 3D and AR Support: The AR model Viewer makes your website 3D and AR ready.
  • Woocommerce Product Support: It allows you to include 3D models of your items on product pages.
  • Elementor Widget: It also comes with an Elementor widget that allows you to insert 3D models into your Elementor page.
  • Zoom: Zoom in and out using a mouse scroll or a touch.
  • User-friendly interface: This plugin features a simple and easy-to-use interface that provides an exceptional user experience.
  • Responsive design: Screen friendly viewer
  • Customizable: Add Poster Image to display until your model loads in the background

Pro Plan Features

  • Everything under Free Plan
  • Support for Shortcode
  • AR Wall Placement – Allow Model Placement on Wall
  • View In AR – Change “View In AR” text in the setting page for button text to open modal in Woocommerce
  • Lock Scale – Lock scaling of 3D model in AR
  • Zoom Control – Disable/Enable zooming of 3D Models
  • Background Image – Add Background Image for your 3D models
  • Auto Rotate – Allow auto rotate for 3D models
  • 1 month customer support

Enterprise Plan Features

  • Everything under Pro Plan
  • Model Variants – Create multiple variants of your 3D model by swapping textures/colors of different material
  • White Labelling – Remove our branding from the Woocommerce modal
  • 3 months customer support

Checkout our website to view the plans & demo of our plugin’s features

How Do Plugins Work?

AR Model Viewer (WordPress plugin for woo-commerce websites)

AR Model Viewer (WordPress plugin for business websites and blogging websites)

Ảnh màn hình

  • Install Plugin
  • Using Elementor Widget
  • Elementor Widget View
  • Click to View in AR
  • View Model in AR
  • Using in WooCommerce Product
  • Add model to the product
  • Click 3D preview button
  • Click to view in AR
  • View Product in AR

Đánh giá

9 Tháng Hai, 2023 2 replies
Hi! I want to thank you for creating this plugin... it's really unbelievable, and I hope you keep on making it better. The AR, function on the phone is very, very nice... I think most people didn't notice the potential of it, but your plugin is unique!  It brings life to my website in an unexpected manner, so... once again... Thank you!
9 Tháng Chín, 2022
This plugin is what I was looking for. works really smooth on my website. thanks to the support team for the quick response to my setup queries.
6 Tháng Chín, 2022
Used the plugin on my ecommerce site to display our household products in 3D & AR view. Worked pretty well. The support team is also responsive and helped integrating with our theme. I think configurations may have more options especially in woocommerce product, but overall usage is good.
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= 2.0.20
* Updated Readme

= 2.0.19
* Fix release version
* Fix buy pro button

= 2.0.17
* Add Pro Version Information

= 2.0.16
* Updated model-viewer library to 3.0.0

= 2.0.15
* Fix permission check issue

= 2.0.14
* Update to latest version of model-viewer


  • Bug Fixes


  • Add new Icon
  • Fix view in AR button not showing in single product created by elementor


  • Update Description and images
  • Support transparent background for poster


  • Add elementor widget responsive sizes


  • Add elementor widget responsive alignment


  • Add elementor widget responsive sizes


  • Add Support to Woocommerce Product


  • Version fix


  • Icon fixes


  • First Release