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More often than not, your online customers are acting with great haste on your site. They neither have patience nor interest in going through your category dropdowns click-by-click for finding their desired items. Infact, if your customers specifically know what they want, they would rather search it in a search box.

Ajax Search Woocommerce Plugin lets your customers do exactly that- it lets them search what they are specifically looking for. Not only that, the plugin also enhances your customers search experience by providing them with autosuggestions.

Free Plugin’s features:

  • The plugin is compatible with our Support Ticket System By Phoeniixx plugin.
  • Option to add a search box in any Widget Area simply by dragging and dropping the Widget.Widget is already created.
  • Option to write your own Search Button text.
  • Option to set minimum number of characters required to trigger autosuggest.
  • Option to set maximum number of results shown in autosuggest box.


Take a look at how to add filter widget in the sidebar.

Premium Features:


  • Shortcode of ajax search : [pasp_search_scode]
  • Option to Set Min Characters to search.
  • Option to Set Max Suggestions for a search.
  • Option to Search through entire site or just through products.
  • Option to Show or Hide Categories.
  • Option to Show All Categories or Main Categories.
  • Option to choose if you want to Search only through products or also through posts and pages.
  • Option to Search in Excerpt.
  • Option to Search in Content.
  • Option to Search in Product Categories.
  • Option to Search in Product Tags.
  • Multiple-Word Search option to Search items containing the exact words or those containing at least one word.
  • Option to Search by SKU.
  • Option to Search by SKU Variable Products.
  • Option to Hide or Show Thumbnail and adjust position as Left or Right.
  • Option to Set Size of the Thumbnail Image.
  • Option to Show Price on Searched Items.
  • Option to Select Price label.
  • Option to Upload Loader Image.
  • Option to Set Title Color.
  • Option to Show Excerpt.
  • Option to Set No. of Words to be shown in Excerpt.
  • Option to Show ‘View All’ Link.
  • Option to Edit Text of ‘View All’ Link and ‘No Results’ Option.


Premium WordPress Themes

Here is our premium wordpress theme

Our Website

Support Email


  • Our plugin support the Multisite Network.

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  • It shows the admin settings of this plugin.

Cài đặt

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, and then to Plugins. Click on “Add New” and then upload the zip file of the plugin using the “Upload Plugin” button you can find on top of the screen.
  3. For the plugin to work as it should, WooCommerce plugin has to be installed and enabled.

Hỏi đáp

  • Does this plugin function with the current WooCommerce version?

Ans. Yes this plugin works with the current WooCommerce Version.

  • Do I get access to plugin upgrades after I purchase the premium version?

Ans. Yes you will get access to all the upgrades once you purchase the premium version of this plugin.

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Tháng Sáu 17, 2017
In free version search form doesn't work. Keep saying "No Results".
Tháng Chín 3, 2016
Not sure why there aren't any other reviews yet so I'll get the ball rolling with a full 5 stars. Works just as intended and fast too. Not a huge amount of options, which is a good thing. You don't even have to change anything if you really don't want to, just add the search widget and go. Thank you very much for this!
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Nhật ký thay đổi

1.4.9 – 16/08/2019

  • Compatible with latest version of woocommerce

1.4.8 – 10/05/2019

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce and wordpress

1.4.7 – 22/04/2019

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.4.6 – 27/02/2019

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce and wordpress

1.4.5 – 27/12/2018

  • added live demo url

1.4.4 – 13/12/2018

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.4.3 – 21/11/2018

  • Fixed search box suggestion issue

1.4.2 – 02/11/2018

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.4.1 – 07/08/2018

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.4.0 – 29/06/2018

  • Fixed warnings

1.3.9 – 05/04/2018

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.3.8 – 26/10/2017

  • Compatible with the latest version of woocommerce

1.3.7 – 12/10/2017

  • Added new feature

1.3.6 – 26/09/2017

  • Added video in the first tab

1.3.5 – 23/08/2017

  • Added video in the tab

1.3.4 – 27/07/2017

  • Bug fixes

1.3.3 – 26/06/2017

  • Bug fixes.

1.3.2 – 12/05/2016

  • Bug fixes.

1.3.1 – 19/04/2016

  • Bug fixes.

1.3 – 14/04/2016

  • Bug fixes.

1.2 – 29/03/2016

  • Bug fixes.

1.1 – 05/11/2015

  • Bug fixes.


  • Initial release.