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Additional Plugins Descriptions

Mô tả

Note: This plugin has not been tested with multisite functionality.
How not to get confused in a variety of WordPress Plugins?
Just write your additional descriptions for the plugins you are using.
This plugin gives you the ability to make additional descriptions to each plugin you use or used.

After installation, click on the name of any plugin in the table (or near).
In the “description” column you will be able to add two additional descriptions to the plugin.

Temporary description

It will be lost if you remove and reinstall the plugin described. Describe here what you are using the plugin for.

Permanent description

Will be saved if you uninstall and reinstall described plugin. Describe here their General impressions and comments about the plugin.

The additional description will be automatically saved after the input field is focus out or “Enter” key pressed.
In other words, just click anywhere else on the screen or press “Enter” and your additional description will be saved.

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  • How to edit additional descriptions

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